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A question for food bloggers


Food bloggers, what’s your picture taking process? Not photography tips, but how do you take pictures after your food is prepped and ready?

For example, recently there have been several things I’ve made but the family is waiting on dinner. So I snap some crappy photos or hope there are enough leftovers after to take pictures of what I made.

So after your food has been made, what do you do? Plate it and style it then? Later? Do you have it down and know what will work quickly? Do what you can and try to improve pictures by editing later?

Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts with me!

17 thoughts on “A question for food bloggers

  1. I snap a picture of the first plate up. What you see is generally my plate. My food blog is about being real so I don’t use tweezers to move things or add special lights. Sometimes it is even on paper plates.

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  2. Hi Lacey, it’s sometimes complicated to take your food photos in “real time”. If I am making a soup as in this week’s post then I make it earlier in the day (i do most of my food blogging recipes and pics on the weekends or when I have days off). I just set up a bowl of soup with a napkin and spoon on a table with good natural light and shoot away. Not when we are actually eating it. By the time we eat it is usually dark and I do not use any lights or tricks, just natural light coming through my windows.
    If I am making something I cannot get a good shot of when we are ready to eat, then I hold out enough food to make a plate the next morning and shoot it then. Thank heavens for the microwave.
    I do not really style my plates but just keep them simple, clean and light.
    I tweak all my images later when I am doing my post.
    Hope this helps a little bit. Best to you. T

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  3. If I can, I plate everyone individually, then give the family their food, and keep mine behind to photograph. If not, I plate the food at the table, then again take a photo of mine while everyone else digs in so they don’t have to wait πŸ˜› Or, if it’s a sharing platter, I photograph & style it quickly before the fam can get their hands on it (I have my camera and props to hand ready to go)

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  4. Great question! I’m not a food blogger but my iG and little blog has a #nomnom section filled with random plates of food. I usually take my photo on a random plate before serving. I try to stick with natural or soft light. Since most everything I do is on my phone I recently installed app called foodie. Its free, and has some cool filters outside of what my phone and iG can do. Feel free to check out my stuff @eat.exercise.exhale. Another great source is Jessica in the Kitchen http://jessicainthekitchen.com/ she has so many great photos of her work and is very welcoming and open to answering questions around food blogging. πŸ™‚

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  5. Great question Lacey! I have the same problem. It it’s do-ble, like soup, I just wait til the next day and do a bowl of leftovers. The problem for me in winter is it’s dark by dinner time and hard to get quick pictures with an iPhone. Once in a while I’ll make dinner early, take pictures before it gets dark and just warm it up when Larry comes in. OR- he just waits while I take pics in a rush– not always great pictures but I just post food we eat– not a fancy blog with dishes made just for posting. Desserts are easier, because you can make them ahead and photograph them– I just do the best I can (usually in a rush) and hope for the best!! I love your blog Lacey– you are so real– ask great questions!! hugs friend!

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    1. Oh that is helpful, thank you. That seems to be my problem too. The lighting is bad by the time I’m finished. Thanks for the insight Rhonda. I love your blog too πŸ™‚


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