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This Is Us = I’m In Love

Picture from nbc.com

When enough people are talking about a show my interest can be peaked. But when enough people are talking about a show whose taste I trust, my interest gets peaked further. Even though I am not typically very into network dramas or dramedies, that is how I sat down and got sucked into This Is Us on NBC. And even though I am not really into Valentine’s Day, somehow it seems perfect that a new episode happens to come on tonight.

This Is Us follows the story of a couple and their three kids. It sounds pretty standard, but there are non-linear timelines that show the parents in their younger years along side story lines with their children as adults, seeing the parents and their children at roughly the same ages. The execution is not confusing or hard to follow if you watch the show from the beginning and keeps the format interesting.

While it does tackle some issues that may not usually be on hour long mainstream shows, like battling weight loss and inter-racial adoption, at times (but not often) the plot can feel weak. For example, while it is in the nature for one of the characters to be single and self-centered, there are a few episodes where a string of different love interests are introduced. The love interests are pretty heavily focused on and then kind of are just backed off of as suddenly as they appeared. Instead of seeming like the character was just dating, it felt like the writers weren’t sure which direction they wanted to take his story line.

The characters are balanced as flawed but likable except for the father, Jack. There is one episode towards the beginning of the season that shows his pitfalls. Past that episode though, this guy is a saint. Usually that would bug me, but I must perfectly fall into the shows exact target demographic. Instead of being annoyed by this perfect character, I have developed a full on school girl crush on him. Seriously. While mustache Jack is okay, I am talking about bearded Jack. I should be embarrassed, but I do not care. That just goes to show you how big my crush is. #forgetteamjess #teamjackforever

picture from nbc.com


The show does everything you think it would. It’s heartwarming. It makes you feel all the feels you can feel from a show, and I love it. So that’s how I’ll be spending my evening. Anyone else?













46 thoughts on “This Is Us = I’m In Love

  1. He is definitely a good-looking guy! I could understand why you’re crushing on him! LOL! I feel exactly the same way for Matthew Mcfadyen in Pride and Prejudice… I am just head over heels for him on that classic film! 🙂

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  2. I had no idea it was told with flashbacks. I tuned in one time for about a half hour and thought the irony was ridiculous, but maybe it was history repeating itself. I’ll have to give it another try,
    Thanks for bringing this link to the party! Have fun meeting everyone. There are a lot of new faces in the crowd today!

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    1. I thought about that after I posted this. That may e I should have mentioned it’s probabaly easier to watch from the beginging instead
      OF picking up from right now.

      Yes thanks for hosting! I usually can’t get on here on weekends and miss out on most parties because of it.

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  3. I’m hooked on this one too Lacey!! Watch it every week– I feel like Jack, always doing the right thing, taking care of everyone, is a perfect foil to all the ways the others make a mess of things. But I think all the characters are likable– and even the Mandy Moore mom, who made some mistakes has my total sympathy. It does leave me hanging every week– but enjoying it! fun post– love your analysis!!

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  4. I can’t believe I missed this post of yours! I LOVE This Is Us too 🙂

    Such an emotional, cutesy, feel-good story and I’m eating it up like you wouldn’t believe… trying not to cry in every episode. It’s soooo good.

    And yes, Jack is awesome. I read something about how he’s the sexist “feel-good” symbol of the patriarchy and felt very protective… how DARE they?? Some people have to ruin everything 🙄

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    1. Yes, I can’t believe how I just eat it up! And they said what about our Jack?! For real, let’s not ruin a good thing.

      And I think that about your posts often too Erin. I don’t know how I miss so many.

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      1. Right? Jack is an almost perfect husband. Pretty impressive, especially with the way he grew up.

        Yes, I don’t mean to miss yours either! There are just so many posts in general that I know it happens.

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      2. Exaclty!

        I have a list created in my reader for my favorite blogs, and yours is on it. And I still miss it! Is there a weird wordpress algorithm like facebook maybe?

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      3. Dang it… I was trying to so this and only see “tags” in the reader sidebar. Did they eliminate the lists with the newest upgrade?

        Psh… and to think I used to work in IT (hanging head in shame)


      4. I looked up lists in the WordPress Help section and they told me exactly what you did… You click on Reader and lists are supposed to be in the sidebar, but I see nothing… just likes, discover, followed sites, etc.

        Not sure if I’m making a silly mistake or if they eliminated this option. I hope not!


      5. Yes, it sounds great and I really want to set it up! I miss too many posts from the sheer overwhelming numbers. Maybe I’ll ask WordPress before giving up…


      6. Me too! I want to show you a screenshot so you can tell me if I’m doing it wrong 🙂

        I go to the reader and the sidebar has “streams” with followed sites, search, likes and tags, but no list. i’m baffled.


      7. Dang it, Lacey… I just chatted with the help staff and yes, they just removed the feature!

        They said many people have been asking about it since it was removed, but it’s gone and there’s nothing else like it. Argh!

        Maybe your lists still exist because you already made them? I hope so.

        Anyway, thanks for trying to help! 🙂

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