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March Book Information

Like I always say, I’m not sales-y. My blog will not become sales-y. I do sale Usborne Children’s books though. So about once a month I post information here in a “Hey check this if you’d like. I’m not pushy at all.” kind of way. If you are interested in learning more about these awesome books you can check out the website at https://1109850.myubam.com/619513 .

So what’s going on in March with Usborne?


1. Host an online party to earn free books!

If you are want to host a book part to earn free and half price books we can have a Facebook party. The party is 100% online. You invite people to “attend”. We play games an the Facebook event page and watch some videos showcasing these amazing books. Then you earn free and half priced books based on party sales. March hostess rewards and an extra incentive book are pictured below.  Right now we only ship in the USA.

Email me at bigandpinkytoes@gmail.com or comment below to get the party started!



2. Not interested in hosting a party but still would like free books?

Make a purchase under the Easter Mystery Hostess Party link: https://1109850.myubam.com/619513

This party link will be open until Easter. For every $10 spent you earn an entry into the Mystery Hostess Drawing. The winner will earn all of the free and/or half priced books without having to host a party, even though hosting one is super easy:) If you make a purchase AND share this post on your blog or social media you get extra entries.



3. Create and share a wishlist!

With Usborne’s new website you can create and share your personal wishlist. What a great idea for upcoming birthdays, holidays or showers. Here’s mine.




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