Pictures from St. Patrick’s Day

In case you don’t follow me on social media, here are our pictures from our St. Patrick’s Day. I fought a headache and was cranky, but I turned it around. It ended up fun. Also check out my Week in Review 3/17/17 for more St. Patrick’s Day fun. How did you celebrate?

Wearing green 🙂
Decorating cupcakes (notice the rainbow water. Brought by our friends)
My step dad carved and painted Clive for us!
The food: bread, cheeses, mashed potatoes, cabbage and apples, sausages, carrots, corn beef

12 thoughts on “Pictures from St. Patrick’s Day

  1. Aw, you guys look adorable! You really got into the St. Patty spirit.

    We went to the drive in and watched the new Beauty & The Beast movie with friends. Still fun, but nothing to do with St. Patrick’s day, apart from the green cupcakes we ate…

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      1. I hadn’t been since I was a little kid! It’s really nice for families, actually, because kids can move around, you can bring food, etc.

        I liked it! A lot was like the original cartoon, but they added stuff. Very pretty movie.

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