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Orthodontics Associates Mother’s Day Special

Are you an adult needing to look into getting braces? Now is the perfect time. Orthodontics Associates is having a Mother’s Day special, and the piece was written by me. Check it out!

Orthodontics Associates Mother’s Day Special

7 thoughts on “Orthodontics Associates Mother’s Day Special

  1. It’s so worth it! I had braces as a teen but they had moved so much (my own fault for not wearing my retainer) so I recently had them again. Took a while and I wasn’t too happy with them on but, it’s been worth it. I get comments on my smile all the time 🙂 Xx

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    1. I hear a lot of adults who say they wore their retainer that there shifted later. It sucks to have to do it twice. I keep putting it off, but now eating is actually uncomfortable at times. I need to do it.

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  2. I got braces on my lower teeth, as a 23 year old, and I never regretted it. I have a permanent retainer, I am so glad I did this (use your FSA if one is available).

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    1. I do have one! I’m still just a tad short but should be able to cover the difference soon. (fingers crossed) My bottoms are what I need done too.


  3. See if you can spread the work over two years (assuming you want to wait). That way you could also take advantage of more of the pre-tax FSA. Just a suggestion and I hope you do get them. My bottoms were a hot mess.

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