My Family’s Non-Bucket List Spring/Summer Bucket List


Okay here’s the thing. I HATE the term “bucket list” to describe things that are in fact not bucket lists. It’s just a weird personal pet peeve. I think of bucket lists as greater things you want to do before you die, like seeing the pyramids, instead of short term things you want to do, like going to a music festival. Also, it bugs me to think of kids having seasonal bucket lists for their parents to fulfill for them.

But I was sitting here thinking about a few things I know for sure I want to try to do with my kids this summer. I wanted to put it in a list and define it so I could actually plan to do these things logistically. Guess what? I couldn’t think of what to call it besides a damn bucket list! Maybe a Summer To Do List? I dunno, I conceded and used bucket list. . .

I have a 2 and 4 year old and work full time. So my list is not an all encompassing dream list. It’s what I think we can realistically do with their age, our budget, and time taken into account.

1. Norman Musical Festival

This will be the 10th year for this annual, free musical festival. It’s become sort of a tradition with a certain circle of friends.  It tends to be more family orientated during the day and adult geared at night. So I like to meet up with everyone and take the kids early on Saturday. It’s not as busy then, and the weather tends to be nicer too.

The festival has an entire stage set up for music geared to kids. There is also a kids tent full of activities where they get to do things like touch and play instruments or make their own noisemakers.  There’s even a little carnival. We like to hit the kids area, mosey around to check out the vendor booths and other music stages, and find a shady spot to park it and hang.


2. A Water Park

My kids are water babies. So one Saturday last year we made a day trip with friends to the Pauls Valley Water Park. It was only about a 40 minute drive and turned out being the perfect for us. Everything was sectioned off very well for different ages/swimmer levels. It was at maximum capacity but did not feel full. The Central Park Aquatic Station opened up just miles from our house though. So I imagine we will check that out a time or two this year.


3. Turner Falls 

We did this trip with my family when I was kid, and I have THE BEST memories from it. This is only about an hour to hour and half drive from the Oklahoma City metro. This part of the state (Davis, Sulphur, Turner Falls) is gorgeous. I would be good with going for a day or an overnight camping trip. There are waterfalls, swimming holes, hiking trails, and caves to explore. I also hear that getting an Arbuckle Fried Pie is a must.


4. Leonardo’s Children Museum

My husband has to go to Enid, OK a few times a year, and one of those times should fall over the summer. The children’s museum there is supposed to be amazing, but I want to see this insane fairyland castle playground they recently updated.

That’s it, those 4 things. Again I want to do a lot more, but these are the MUSTS if I am being realistic. Here are a few backups or things I’d like to do with them if the opportunity presents itself:

  • Dodgers Baseball game. There is a great play area right behind the lawn section. Bonus, lawn seats are super affordable.
  • The Indoor Water Park in Clinton, OK. We haven’t been there but have heard is awesome.
  • Roman Nose State Park. We haven’t been here either but have heard from several people that it’s worth at least a day trip.
  • Festival of the Arts. Oklahoma City has a beautiful annual outdoor arts festival. The music and food are just as much a reason to go as the visual arts. It always falls on the same weekend as the Norman Music Festival though and tends to be busier. I haven’t been with my kids, but I feel like it would be hard to navigate. Does anybody have any thoughts or experience on that?


Do you have a summer bucket list or goals? What’s on your list?






13 thoughts on “My Family’s Non-Bucket List Spring/Summer Bucket List

  1. Ha, ha, my wife hates the term bucket list ,since no one used that term before that movie came out. I don’t think a bucket list is possible for me. We have things we’d like to do, either soon, or eventually. There is a big national park, cave of the mounds, I’d like to take the kids to go see this summer. It’s an hour and a half north in KY. The wife hates caves but she’s agreed to attend as long as she can hang out above ground. Sounds fine to me.

    I am grateful for anything I get to do. I think as a Christian though, having a must do before death implies that there is nothing after death worth doing, and I can’t really buy into that.

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    1. Oh I think a big national park family trip would be the best. That sounds just about perfect. Your wife sounds like a good sport!

      Fair point. I’ve never considered the “bucket list” that way before, but yes that does make complete sense.


  2. Lacey, this looks great! I love your non-bucket bucket list 🙂 He he!
    The Norman Musical Festival looks wonderful.
    Funny I don’t think I realized you are in Oklahoma City. I almost went there fairly recently (I drove across the country when I moved to NY a little ways back …. I took a plane back to CA 🙂 )
    Sending you much blessings and FUN for your spring and summer plans. You’re a great mom.
    Love Debbie

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  3. What a fun list Lacey!! Your kids are blessed. The music festival sounds great– I haven’t heard of one that has music for kids. And camping and Turner Falls would be awesome. My list is even shorter– take grand-girl Charlotte to San Diego for her birthday, have Grammy Camp again, get back to Wisconsin with all the family for our daughter’s wedding (that’s big!) and have a retirement party for my Larry and another old friend. It’s fun just to write it down! Thanks for the idea Lacey!! And love love the sunglasses in the pool picture– Where are you there?? Happy summer ahead! xo

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    1. Oh I love your list Rhonda. That wedding is going to be gorgeous. I wonder if Larry will adjust to retirement as well as you seem to have?

      It’s at our house. We have an above ground pool because it gets to hot here in the summer, sometimes in the triple digits!


      1. Perfect! When we lived in Spain we had a big wading pool on our patio and in the hot hot summers, I would wake kids up from naps, give them a popsicle and drop them in the pool late afternoon. Looking forward to summer– hope yours is the best Lacey! hugs to all there…

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