A Discussion About our Kids and their Right to Online Privacy

Earlier this year I posted Let’s talk about our kids and their right to privacy. I posed the question what should and shouldn’t we be posting about our kids on our blogs and social media. My kids are still too young to ask for their stamp of approval before pressing that publish button. I was curious how other parents approach the topic. It got some great feedback and a discussion going on some of my social media pages. I am following The Great Life of Wife‘s suggestion and  posting about the responses I got, most of which ended up being about the types of pictures we share.

Overall most people seemed to agree that:

  • Pictures on the toilet should be kept private, no matter how excited and proud we are about potty training.
  • After kids are no longer babies it is inappropriate to post pictures of them naked or only in their diaper or underwear. As innocent in nature as these pictures may be, once it is out there we cannot control who views them and what is done with them.
  • Before posting pictures of kids that are not yours, ask their parents if it is okay.
  • For safety reasons do not post when you are out of town or if your spouse/significant other is away. Also, if your kids are old enough, do not post when they are home alone.

Where there was some differences of opinion:

  • Some people were fine with sharing naked newborn pics and others were not.
  • Some people were fine with posting pictures of their kids when they were sick or in the hospital while some felt strongly this is not okay. Their point being, would we want pictures like that posted of us? Also, sometimes these types of pictures seem exploitative. There were some exceptions to this though, like posting a picture of a rash on closed moms group page.

Overall I am thinking a good rule of thumb maybe if you would not want it posted of you (on the toilet, throwing up, some problem that is personal even if it seems small), do not post it of your kid. Sure they maybe 3 and not know or care now, but maybe someday it would bother them knowing that’s out there or had been out there.

And if there is any doubt whether it is a good idea or not, maybe just go ahead and steer on the side of not posting to be safe. Why not? Surely our acquaintances from high school will be fine if they don’t see whatever that post was going to be. Or if we want to post it for family to see, maybe we should just privately message it them.

Do you agree or disagree with any of these? Have anything to add?









20 thoughts on “A Discussion About our Kids and their Right to Online Privacy

  1. I was curious how people feel about using their child’s names in a blog post. I have, but I notice some use initials of a cute pseudonym. What do you think?

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    1. Ohhhh great question. I don’t use my kids’ names. I usually refer to them in posts as “son” or “daughter”. I don’t even think I have a good explanation why. I post pictures about them and share stories about them. Maybe the combination of pictures and their names seems too personal.


      1. That makes sense. I refer to my son by name, and very occasionally post a picture of him. I guess I figure his name isn’t a secret. But, I wasn’t sure if I was in the minority on that one, or not.
        I always think about him as a future teenager. If he’d hate it if a friend read what I wrote about him, I don’t write it.

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      2. I’m not sure either. I wonder if the people who use the initals/other pet name also typically don’t post pictures too?

        Oh my goodness that is so smart. about thinking of him as a future teenager. What a perfect gauge. Seriously.


  2. I heard another blogger refer to it as digital citizenship. We have chosen to keep our kids digital identity very private until they are old enough to have a say. We have also asked family and friends to respect that. Thats just what our family has chosen to do, especially since my husband and I have fairy public profiles. 🙂 great thoughts and discussion!

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  3. I like to share my kids (adults now 24,28,31,34) pictures because they do a lot of cool stuff… They are in the theater world aka professional ballet dancer’s and pit orchestras… I usually get an earful when I post something especially if it’s copywrite protected. Whatever ❤ I'm proud of them and I just don't think my friends are going to steal their choreography from their latest ballet. Just thought I'd share my thoughts ❤

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  4. My mother still shares pictures of me that I wish she wouldn’t.

    As for the little kids in the family, I never share them on any platform that isn’t private.

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  5. Very interesting discussion. I have struggled with this myself and especially when it comes to photography because my best shots are of my daughter’s. So far i am staying away from putting her name out there and will try my best not to share too many pics of her. I really don’t have a rhyme or reason. My thinking is that if there is a picture of me i wouldnt want someone to see, then the same rule applies for my daughter.


  6. Great idea to follow up on this Lacey!! I think there a lot of moms out there who make decisions on this and want some feedback. My 85 year old mom posts pictures of me on facebook that sometimes make me cringe! ha ha ha! Love how you come up with such helpful topics! hugs!!

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  7. I am okay with sharing my ultrasound pictures to all social media right now but once my child is born I will only be sharing photos here and there of them on my blog only. More for safety of my child and so I can be in the moment as a mother. I want my child to see my use my phone as a phone vs the million other things it can do. I want to monitor its privacy because you never know who is paying extra attention out there to where you are and what you are doing or where your kids go to school, etc…

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    1. It’s pretty scary when I let myself thing about all that stuff, and mine are young! They don’t even have access to social media or anything yet. I don’t even know how to begin when it’s time to navigate that.


      1. Seriously! I told my boyfriend that when it comes time for our child to need a cell phone they can have a phone that only calls and text. If they want a smart phone they can get a job and pay for it themselves!

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