Reflecting about Mother’s Day

I was having a beautiful Mother’s Day. Then I took a moment and scrolled through social media. (I know! Bad mom! Why did I do that?) I know Mother’s Day can be hard for those who have lost loved ones, who are struggling to conceive or adopt, or those with strained relationships. This was the first year though that I noticed posts that went something like How not to ruin your own Mother’s Day or How to Avoid Mother’s Day Entitlement or Why Moms Shouldn’t say they are Everything  from Chauffeurs, Chefs, Therapists, Accountants, Housekeepers, etc. . . .

Ummmm. Well. Hmmm.

After reading through a few of these I took a moment to pause. I thought about what I had read. Of course each post had it’s own arguments and view points but each to me had a common theme, that moms may expect too much or are hard to please on Mother’s Day.

Yes I think we should make our expectations clear and still remember to honor those that were and are mothers to us. Otherwise though, I say phooey to these posts. I say if a mom has high expectations for Mother’s Day, maybe her expectations are high because she feels slightly underappreciated throughout the year. And even if that is not the case, it is one day. ONE DAY!

Most moms I know aren’t even expecting huge gifts or anything extravagant. I think most may just want to sleep a bit longer, be hugged a little tighter, and have to do a tad less then on other days. I think most moms just want to see a little bit of thought put into it.

So I hope each and everyone person had a day they were satisfied with. Moving off my soap box . . . I’ll share how mine went.


My kiddos are so young that up until very recently, at times, it felt like my husband and I were in a battle. Not with each other or our kids, but just battling to get through the day. Someone was sick or everyone was tired or bedtime was a mess. Then over the last month or so it has been like all of our hard work and diligence paid off. I’m not saying we still don’t have hiccups or meltdowns, but things have gotten smoother at our house. I hope I didn’t just jinx us!

Friday night I started Anne with an “E” on Netflix. Both kids crawled into my lap and went to sleep. I just sat their snuggling my sweet babies while watching a show I had been looking forward to. I was content.

Since I took my little guy indoor skydiving this week, I took my little lady to meet up with my sisters and mom on Saturday to get pedicures.

Afterwards the ladies meet up with the rest of the family at Hollywood Corners.  The weather was beautiful. They have a shaded outside area with backyard games and seating. The kids played. We had good food. A family friend came to take a group picture for us and hung around to get some candid shots. These pictures she got were such a perfect and unexpected gift.

Of course we couldn’t get a single picture of the three of us looking at the camera at the same time. We tried a few times throughout the weekend.


Sunday my kids made me presents in children’s church.


My husband was sick this weekend but was feeling well enough to grill me a steak Sunday evening. I was too excited and ate it too fast to get a picture!

It was a perfect weekend.

How was your Mother’s Day? How was your weekend?





20 thoughts on “Reflecting about Mother’s Day

  1. Happy mother’s day!
    I had a tea party for my mothers. It was beautiful and tasty and elegant and also filled with excited kids who managed not to break a thing.

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  2. Aw, your family is beautiful and it looks like you had a wonderful day! (I’m so going to watch Anne on Netflix now too). We had a family brunch at our house that was very nice.

    It may not be this way for everyone, but like you, we’re having a much easier time than we used to. The newborn years and having two-year-old toddlers were rough–the kids threw lots of tantrums, made constant giant messes, and it was very stressful.

    But now, the kids are more mobile, can communicate better and are more civilized. Not that there aren’t still rough days, but things are easier and everyone is happier. I think parenthood is just a big adjustment in general too, and you get better at it after figuring out what works.

    I hear teenagers are pretty tough but I’m not going to worry about that yet, lol.

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    1. You know, hearing that from someone else make me feel less bad that we kinda struggled and limped along for those 0-2 years. Man. They are tough.
      Oh yeah teenage years aren’t even on my radar!

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      1. 0-2 were DEFINITELY the hard years for us! Our babies screamed a lot and constantly threw tantrums around age 2. We still loved them to pieces, of course, but they were very hard to manage.

        From 3 on up, it got so much easier. I guess I want to throw that out there in case anyone is struggling with a one-year-old kid, lol

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      2. Yes thank you. Not to air dirty laundry or complain, but I think it’s important to share the hard stuff. It makes me feel not alone and reminds me I’m not off track.

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      3. Haha, yes, same here. 🙂

        I’ll never forget that time our neighbor saw us pushing our crying newborn around he block at 4 in the morning. He said, “it gets better, I promise!” It gave us so much hope right then.

        And it did get better 🙂

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  3. Love this post Lacey! Fun to hear about the sweetness of your mothers day– love the tiny painted toenails!! And I think you’re right– Mothers Day is loaded with expectations! I know I’ve scrolled down facebook looking at other family’s celebrations and felt disappointed!. I think you jus have to take the love you get all through the year– and appreciate it. And– love that first picture of your little guy– the sweetest!! xoxox


  4. Happy Mother’s Day belated. The kids still dont want pics at 6 and 8 either. I think that’s ok, they are built to play and candid photographs turn out better for us. We take way too many pictures 🙂

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  5. Mother’s Day when my kids were little was always fun. They made such great handmade presents and delicious *cough, cough* breakfasts in bed. But it’s also great now that they’re grown when they can really cook and we can have adult conversations. I only wish they’d still let me rock them in the big chair!

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