Becoming a Mom Made Me a Crybaby


“Before having kids I rarely cried. In fact, it might have been weird how little I cried. Emotional moments around other people made me uncomfortable. It’s not like the end of The Notebook isn’t sob worthy. I just didn’t ever want to share that with the people I was watching it with. I was going through life totally kid-less and cool as a cucumber with all of my emotion sharing appropriately in check. Nobody was more surprised than I was that becoming a mom made me a big cry baby.

Irrational. That’s what pre-mom me thought about moms crying over things having to do with their kids. . . . “

This is my latest post published on the Oklahoma City Moms blog. Read the rest here:

Becoming a Mom Made Me a Crybaby

5 thoughts on “Becoming a Mom Made Me a Crybaby

  1. OMG, I so relate! It all started during pregnancy with those dastardly hormones, making me get super emotional and cry during commercials. Psh… then it just kept up.

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  2. Hey Lacey– read through your Moms post– you have so many great topics. I cry watching sentimental tv commercials! I think your saying after you have kids you know how important and dear those kinds of relationships are! And maybe hormones (as stated above).

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