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Reblog: Shelter Puts Dogs In A Photobooth To Get Them Adopted – The Results Were just Excellent!

Reblog. I love this SO much. I promise it will start your week with a smile.



creativespotting.com-the-dogs-photo-booth-by-guinnevere-shuster-11Guinnevere Shuster


adopted-dog-teton-pitbull-humane-society-utah-25Guinnevere Shuster


adopted-dog-teton-pitbull-humane-society-utah-24Guinnevere Shuster


adopted-dog-teton-pitbull-humane-society-utah-13.jpgGuinnevere Shuster


adopted-dog-teton-pitbull-humane-society-utah-15Guinnevere Shuster


creativespotting.com-the-dogs-photo-booth-by-guinnevere-shuster-7Guinnevere Shuster


adopted-dog-teton-pitbull-humane-society-utah-10Guinnevere Shuster


adopted-dog-teton-pitbull-humane-society-utah-27.jpgGuinnevere Shuster


adopted-dog-teton-pitbull-humane-society-utah-7Guinnevere Shuster


adopted-dog-teton-pitbull-humane-society-utah-9Guinnevere Shuster


Guinnevere Shuster


adopted-dog-teton-pitbull-humane-society-utah-2Guinnevere Shuster

Shelter Puts Dogs In A Photobooth To Get Them Adopted – The Results Were just Excellent!

These amazing shelter dogs in a photobooth will be the most incredibile thing you’ll see today. The dogs were placed in a photobooth to capture their exact personalities, in order to get them adopted.

An animal rescue and adoption organization based in Utah, U.S., came up with the most incredible idea in order to find a new home for the dogs from their shelters.

Guinnevere Shuster

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10 thoughts on “Reblog: Shelter Puts Dogs In A Photobooth To Get Them Adopted – The Results Were just Excellent!

  1. These pictures are awesome Lacey!! I’m sending the link to my daughter, who really wants a dog (soon as they move into a house where they can have a dog!! so darn cute!! Happy Saturday– how are all 4 of you doing??! xox

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my goodness yes, this post made my day when I saw it! How exciting for them.

      Whew we are good. Had a whirlwind weekend and back to the grind. Was yours good?


      1. The things you wrote that you were going to do sounded like a lot of busy fun Lacey!! Hope it was a blast! We have the grand-girls here for 4 days for Grammy Camp. They are still sleeping this morning and then we’re off to a kids museum. hugs to you and your sweet family!

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