Why We Keep Birthdays Simple

Both of my kids have summer birthdays. That combined with Father’s Day, July 4th, and juggling a big extended family is causing me to have celebrations on the brain. My 4 year old son recently and unknowingly reminded me why we keep our holidays and birthdays simple: because right now we can. . . .


This is my latest post published on the Oklahoma City Moms Blog Site. Read the rest here:

Why We Keep Birthday Simplehappybirthday

7 thoughts on “Why We Keep Birthdays Simple

  1. Read the article Lacey. Spot on!! Why should we stage stressful extravaganzas when our kids want to play cars with friends?? You’re so right! And they have more time with YOU! Love this post. xox

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    1. I don’t know why we always feel like we have to make them bigger. My son usually has the best time after the party is winding down and a few kids are running around playing in the backyard.


      1. You are so right Lacey– heard a talk tonight on Sabbath Rest. I’m thinking about simplifying life in general. I’m such a busybody. It’s hard. I think that’s shy I appreciated your post so much. Love the way you look at things. hugs!

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