Why We Keep Birthdays Simple

Both of my kids have summer birthdays. That combined with Father’s Day, July 4th, and juggling a big extended family is causing me to have celebrations on the brain. My 4 year old son recently and unknowingly reminded me why we keep our holidays and birthdays simple: because right now we can. . . .


This is my latest post published on the Oklahoma City Moms Blog Site. Read the rest here:

Why We Keep Birthday Simplehappybirthday

7 thoughts on “Why We Keep Birthdays Simple

    1. I don’t know why we always feel like we have to make them bigger. My son usually has the best time after the party is winding down and a few kids are running around playing in the backyard.


      1. You are so right Lacey– heard a talk tonight on Sabbath Rest. I’m thinking about simplifying life in general. I’m such a busybody. It’s hard. I think that’s shy I appreciated your post so much. Love the way you look at things. hugs!

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