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The Day I Bought 12 Pies: An Arbuckle Mountain Fried Pies Review

We visited the Chickasaw National Recreation Area in Sulphur, OK this weekend. After hiking and swimming in this beautiful area we were hungry in a way you can only be after playing outside all day in summer. Feeling starving and excited to visit Arbuckle Mountain Fried Pies for the first time made me temporarily lose my brain.


I was surprised that more than half of their menu was not sweet pies but savory pies. So I ordered us 4 pies for dinner and felt it was obvious we needed 4 pies for breakfast the next morning. At that point, I felt we were obligated to try some dessert pies. So I rounded it up to a dozen.

A DOZEN! Who needs a dozen fried pies?!?!

*****In my defense, my friend I was with lost her brain temporarily too. She had full intentions to get a dinner pie. When it was her turn at the register though she blurted out “CHOCOLATE!”****

I started to think my decision was mildly nuts as I handed over my debit card. I almost backed out and changed my order. Almost, but I didn’t. We waited 10 minutes while they made all of our pies fresh.

My kids, even the picky eater, ended up finishing every last bite of their pizza pies. My spinach, mushroom, and potato combo was like getting a hug from a hand held pot pie. If you are camping in the area, the breakfast pies would be the perfect way to start your active day. Needless to say the fruit and sweet pies were amazing as well.

Golden and yummy
This is what a box full of fried pies looks like.
Hearty breakfast pie
Blackberry pie

I was in such a food coma after dinner and tired from wrangling kids all day that I almost left my box with our 8 remaining fried pies on the table! Thankfully my friend saw it so I didn’t leave without our small fortune worth of pies.

What made these pies stand out is that they tasted 100% fresh. No canned or fake ingredients here, no sir. These are the made from scratch real deal, and they ALL taste like it too.

While these pies get my full stamp of approval they also come with a warning from me that your judgment may temporarily be clouded due to deliciousness.

23 thoughts on “The Day I Bought 12 Pies: An Arbuckle Mountain Fried Pies Review

  1. Great post. This reminded me of when years ago my husband went out and bought a box of all different pies for a little road trip we were doing. He got two pies of each kind, so it was easy for us to share one pie between two, so we all got to taste all the flavours. Let’s just say, we probably looked like pies at the end of the day, but it did not matter, they were sooooo good – and yes, we even had some pies for dessert 🙂 Those were the days. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Lynne! “We probably looked like pies at the end of the day.” lol yes!!! Us too! That sounds like a lot of fun 🙂

      I didn’t want to miss out on any of them!

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  2. I love those pies!!! We camp down there a lot. The pies are a big reason why! But oh my gosh I was not prepared for how cold the water is! Now I want a pie. And yes, we buy them by the dozen too!

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  3. Oh man those fried pies! The cherry and chocolate are so good and slightly diabetes-inducing 😬 We went back to Chickasaw this weekend too! Love that place. Glad you and your family got to go!


  4. You’re making me wish we lived in Oklahoma– the hiking looked fun– kids in the water!! And– those pies! The blackberry pie looks pretty irresistible! Where you camping?? Looks like a pretty area… Fun delicious post! hugs!

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      1. Noooo . . . I think we are still a year or two away from trying to take them tent camping, but I have the BEST memories of that as a kid.


      2. Yes I can’t wait till we are able to go camping. I bet we could right now, but it would be enjoyable for everyone I think next summer. Were you all tent campers when your kids were growing up?


      3. Hi Lacey– we did tents, but mostly got the little cabins at Sequoia National Park, with a cookstove on the porch and bathrooms down the trail. semi-camping–with a soft bed! I’m looking into trying to reserve some for next summer for us & our kids. Th problem with little kids is they get so dirty!! Had to drop them in a tub of warm water every night and scrub away on them! But don’t you love eating outdoors and spending the day out?? Well, happy summer friend, wherever it takes you all! xox


    1. They were so good. I drove passed it going to another destination last week and almost pulled in. I knew I would have done the same thing again!


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