My kids are allowed screen time, and that’s okay.

A few things happened all in the same week that made me decide I want to share my perspective on screen time.

  • A delivery guy at work stopped me to tell me he sure hopes I don’t let me kids use screens. Side note: I work in an office, not around kids. I’m not sure how he knew I have kids or why he offered this.
  • Next, a stranger rolled their eyes at me when I got my phone out at the park. Side note: My kids had a question about rollie pollies I was looking up. I am not a rollie pollie expert, but I did have a phone on me with access to that information.
  • Finally, I kept seeing articles on social media about how screens cause speech delay in children. Side note: It wasn’t the content in the articles that got to me but the quick-to-judge comments blaming parents for ruining their kids and the world because of screens. Why do I read the comments?!?

So here it goes. My kids are allowed screen time, and that’s okay. . . . .


It feels like I have had a lot of posts on the Oklahoma City Moms Blog lately, but it’ll probably be awhile before I have another. You can read the rest here:

My kids are allowed screen time, and that’s okay.



10 thoughts on “My kids are allowed screen time, and that’s okay.

  1. I don’t understand why moms don’t just mom the way they want—I see so many of these mom battles online! “You shouldn’t do that, you should do this…” we all just need to do OUR own thing, and leave everybody else alone.

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    1. Yes! Just be respectful.

      A guy in the comments of the article I was talking about was just responding to people’s comments personally bashing them. I was thinking, “Well you are being SO disrespectful in the way you are speaking to people, even if it is online. Parents letting their kids watch screens is WAY better than how you are treating people here.” I don’t get it.

      Mom groups online are the worst too. There is some support. But there is also lots of “You’ll never believe what I saw . . ” and “shame on you for . . .” Sheesh.

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      1. Sheesh, yeah… and practically everyone has their own unique opinion about every possible parenting issue. How about not teaching your kids to be sanctimonious and judgey, folks?

        Eh, there’s no one right way to parent. People should give each other a break unless they see something really harmful.

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  2. It’s cool to hear this perspective because I’ve been wondering about the issues myself.

    New technologies are always met with suspicion (they once thought books would ruin kids too), but on the other hand, I do want my kids to be able to focus and use their imaginations and screen time can be very passive.

    I figure I’ll probably take the middle path by letting my kids have an hour of screen time a day but otherwise make them do other stuff. Moderation is usually a safe bet.

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    1. I agree. Sometimes my kids may not want their tablets for weeks and be really into something else. Other times they’ll find something on there and be into that for a bit. So even their interest in it comes and goes.

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  3. Read the article and totally agree Lacey!! Every mom knows her kids and the families needs and culture and can choose what it best for them. My son (physics teacher), pulls out the ipad with his 3 girls at bedtime and they pick a topic and look it up– volcanoes, lizards, pizza… and talk about it. And they are super creative, and big book readers. I think part of the key is participating with your kids as they use the screens– And– love love the castle!! Hugs to you awesome mom!! xo

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