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Garden Game: WHAT AM I GROWING?!?

I had planted a bunch of stuff and a bunch of other, different stuff is growing in our garden and in the corners of our yard. I posted pictures when it first started happening in one of my Week in Review posts. Since then it’s gotten crazier.

We compost, and I used it when prepping the garden plot. I’ve decided that HAS to be the culprit. So let’s play ‘Do you have any clue what crazy Lacey is growing?’ I can offer praise and appreciation for prizes.


First up is this lone beauty growing next to where we used to have the compost bins.

Not flowering (yet). Thriving without being watered.


Next, this is on what looks like a pumpkin vine, is the shape of a butternut squash, and is white with light green lines.




This looks like a squash plant but is HUGE. It’s taking over this entire corner of the yard. It’s not producing much but had a few of these things that look like green pumpkins to me.



This looks like a squash plant too, but I don’t know for sure what type. Some have suggested spaghetti squash?



We have decided this is acorn squash. I am just throwing it in because we didn’t not plant it, and it looks like a rabbit found it delicious.


Okay, any thoughts? I hope we are able to eat something we’ve grown this year.






16 thoughts on “Garden Game: WHAT AM I GROWING?!?

    1. Oh my goodness yes! It does look like eightball zucchini. I’ve never even heard of that. THANK YOU!

      Good to know about the butternut squash too. When does the color start to change for you?

      And you are a rock star!

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  1. Ha ha Lacey that’s great! 🙂 How does something grow that’s not planted, I just don’t get it (and I’ve heard of this before too). Well at least the rabbits really got a nice meal. 🙂

    Happy Wednesday my friend. Blessings – your brighten my day. Debbie

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    1. I”m at a lose Debbie. I just hope SOMETHING we grow is edible lol. I’d hate if we grew a vegetable garden for the whole season without growing anything to eat.

      Thanks for reading. Hope your week is well my friend!

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  2. Wow Lacey! So many bonus plants! If they all come from compost you’ve made from your kitchen leftovers, you must eat a lot of squash!! And what about the things you planted intentionally??! Your garden sounds amazing! hugs!

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      1. Your’e so funny Lacey!! Love you accidental garden. We finally have piles of tomatoes– So I’m looking up ways to use them! Have you ever made tomato Jam?? Want to give that a try… Happy gardening! hugs from here!

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