Summer Side Dishes


Just in time in case you need to bring something to a cookout, here are a few quick, easy, and yummy sides that are perfect for hot summer days. Happy eating!


Vegetable Fritters

These are the perfect way to use up the surplus of squash or zucchini from your garden or just any vegetables hanging around in your fridge at risk of going bad. Click here for the recipe.




Avocado Chicken Salad

A dish that can be a meal or side is winner in my book. Here is an easy twist on an old favorite. Click here for the recipe.

Avocado Chicken Salad



Broccoli Salad

This gets even my kids to eat broccoli. Need I say more? Click here for the recipe.

Broccoli Salad



Sweet Potato Salad

This is my new favorite side to make and bring to events in place of macaroni or potato salad. Click here for the recipe.


14 thoughts on “Summer Side Dishes

  1. Good ones Lacey– all of them healthy! and using your garden produce?? I love the idea of avocado chicken salad– chicken salad is a favorite and, of course, avocado makes anything better! Hope your week ahead is the best!

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