The Truth About Being a Breadwinning Mama


“The most natural progression for you would to move into a full support role within the department, ” my manager told me from the other side of a desk in a small office.

We sat for a long, awkward moment before I answered. “I know I shouldn’t tell my supervisor this. This isn’t what I am “supposed” to say to you, but I don’t want to move up right now. I am happy were I am at as an admin. I am good at what I do. Plus you guys give me enough extra work outside of my regular duties that challenges me. So I am not bored.

My 2 years here have been great. Before working here and since becoming a mom I was never home on time or if I was I would end up having to work from home. My family is finally in a decent place with our schedule and financially, thanks to this job.  If I move up in any other position I know that I will probably have to work some nights, weekends, or travel. I don’t want to do that right now.  I am happy where I am at.”

“Okay,” he responded.

The truth is, I am a working mom, and my husband is a stay-at-home dad. . . .

This is my latest piece published on the Oklahoma City Moms Blog site. Read the rest by clicking here.




7 thoughts on “The Truth About Being a Breadwinning Mama

  1. Lacey this is awesome– so frank and honest and I’m sure reflects a lot of moms in our circumstances. You’re right, at some level, money does relieve stress. Since we’re both retired, we’re watching pennies we didn’t have to watch before. But it’s what we chose as the best for us now. You know I love your blog! hugs!

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    1. I know working moms/stay at home dads are more common these days, but I don’t know how common. My husband I think is still one of the only dads in the pick up line at school. It’s hard not to get jealous :/

      Yes, that’s true. You are in the same kind of situation. I can’t wait to be at the retirement stage of penny pinching 🙂

      Thank you, RHonda. I think you are the very best!


      1. I know I would feel the same way Lacey if I were working and Larry was home with kids. It has to been hard every morning to be the one going out the door. I admire you for doing what’s bests for your family for now. You are an amazing person Lacey. hugs!

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