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Your New Go-To Site for Gift Giving: Uncommon Goods


Collage Uncommon Goods

My New Gift Giving Guidelines

My kids have birthdays in July and August. Then my mom, step-mom, and mother-in-law all have birthdays right after. By the time that’s over, it’s time to start shopping for my anniversary and then Christmas. You know, so I am not flat broke in December. Needless to say, gift giving has been prominently on my radar lately.

For kids, I’ve recently decided I want to start giving things they can DO instead of things they just HAVE. By that I mean I want to give things that are engaging, like books or building blocks instead things like toys with noisemakers that do all the imaginative play for them. For adults, I think a great item to give as a gift is something the receiver would want but might not ever purchase for themselves.

With a full time job and 2 young kiddos, online shopping just makes my life easier. So with this new gift giving criteria I have set for myself and my love for shopping from behind the keyboard on my lunch break, I was so happy to stumble upon Uncommon Goods.Β The site had a little something I wanted to give everyone in my life, from my kids to all the wonderful woman I know to my hard-to-shop for dad.

Not only are the Uncommon Goods products unique, the company is socially aware and responsible.

They support artists and small manufacturers. In fact, when you view items on the site you can see the story behind the piece and information on the artist that creates the product. How neat is that?! Also, they don’t sell products containing leather, feathers, or fur. I was impressed and surprised that as I was checking out I got to choose from a list of non-profit organizations for a donation to be made to as part of their Better to Give program.

Uncommon Goods

2 Thumbs Up from the Kids AND Mom

Shhhhh . . .Don’t tell my transportation obsessed son, but he will be getting this. It’s a road map blanket to play on that turns into a bag to hold ALL his cars and trains. Win for us both.

My popcorn obsessed daughter got to try out Popcorn on the Cob. We buttered and seasoned cobs and put them in bags to microwave. It was interactive for the kids, and we all had our own individual bags to eat out of. It was perfect for family movie night, and I’ll remember it for any future sleepovers.

Here’s a sampling of some of the others things I got and some that are on my wishlist for next time. Also. . . . .if anyone is wanting to give me something, I can think of about a million things I’d like to try the salted honey on πŸ™‚

18 thoughts on “Your New Go-To Site for Gift Giving: Uncommon Goods

      1. Yes! My husband and I had just both agreed that our kids have too much stuff, and we shouldn’t get them anything else for a good long while. . . then we saw that :/


  1. Fun recommendation Lacey!! I know we spend so much money on gifts. When Larry re-did our budget he did a gift category and I told him that was less than half of what we actually spend with lots of family birthdays, weddings, showers… Good to find something unique– and not too $$$. Happy celebrating!! xox

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    1. OH man budgeting in gifts is a good idea. We don’t do that. There is ALWAYS some occasion requiring (I say requiring, but I do like to give them) a gift though.


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