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Caption Contest


Just for fun, caption this scene we stumbled upon this morning at the children’s library. My favorite response will get a reblog at the beginning of the week.

20 thoughts on “Caption Contest

      1. It was my main thought when I was first introduced to the library, lol. The “children’s library” was this tricked out, sort of magical place with kid sized furniture, little nooks and crannies where kids could “hide” and read while the adults were doing their thing. There were puzzles, games, and other educational toys, places to sit and watch a film…oh I was in Heaven. I still visit it when I go back to that particular library in my hometown.

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    1. You are the winner! I was going to reblog your pulled pastrami sandwich post, but if you have one you’d rather me share instead, drop the link for me here.


      1. Thank you! I also shared your direct link on my social media places. Aannnd now I’m hungry. Like always after reading your blog 🙂


  1. Not clever enough for a good caption– but love kids and libraries!! Seriously, doesn’t it feel great to walk out with a stack of free books??! Happy weekend Lacey!! (We’re off to some dear friends daughter’s weddding tomorrow and Lacey is the bride!!) Hugs!

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