A Very Pink Flamingo Day

My daughter turned 3 last week, and we had her party this weekend. By her request it was a pink flamingo party. We started with a quick trip to the zoo to tell the pink flamingos good morning.

Then we headed over to the splash pad to meet friends and family. We had watermelon and pink cupcakes.


And although nothing was Pintrest worthy, the birthday girl (and everyone else too I think) had a good time.


Here’s the birthday girl the next day decked out in all her new pink flamingo gear.


Even the “easy” parties, as fun as they are, wear me out. I wish there was a service that would come to my house to rub my feet after my kids’ birthdays with the understanding there would be no small talk and then put my kids to bed.  #milliondollaridea

18 thoughts on “A Very Pink Flamingo Day

  1. Aww Lacey, what a great celebration of your daughter! She looks so precious decked out in her pink gear the next day. ❤ ❤

    That's a great idea, re: the foot rub (no small talk) and putting your kids to bed. What an excellent service biz for someone to start. Maybe you! (You never know)

    Love Love Love and have a beautiful sparkling week, Lacey – you're a great mom and friend, Debbie

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  2. Your daughter is so cute!! The simple parties are the best, especially when they’re little. I think a big bash for a little one can be overwhelming. Your little girl looks like she had a great time!

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