Easy Halloween Costume Ideas For Kids or Grown Ups

Not only is my family full of fall and pumpkin enthusiasts, but we are also huge Halloween fans. It’s a day to dress up, eat pizza for dinner, go trick or treating with cousins, and stay up past bedtime. What’s not to love?  Here’s the deal though. I am not about to drop a ton of money on some one-size- fits-all, ill-fitting costume that will be worn once. So I am sharing a few costume ides we’ve come up with over the last couple of years. My rules for making costumes fun and easy are:

  • We try to use things we already have.
  • If we need something to complete the costume we check out thrift stores.
  • If there is a specific costume we want, we search to buy it used.
  • Costumes have to be comfortable and warm enough to trick or treat in, for the kiddos and for me.


Pick a Decade

Put your hair in a ponytail, make a headband from a handkerchief, and add a denim shirt to be Rosie the Riveter or some other 50s variation.. Guys can roll their jeans and t shirt sleeves and slick their hair back.  Or straighten your hair and pair it with some flowy tops to go 60s or 70s. If that doesn’t appeal to you how about finding some big jewelry and laying that blush and eye shadow on thick to go 80s? Easy Peasy.


This is my latest piece on the Oklahoma City Moms Blog. Check out the rest by clicking here.

9 thoughts on “Easy Halloween Costume Ideas For Kids or Grown Ups

  1. Hey Lacey– so agree about using simple stuff or stuff you have for costumes! One year in Spain (no Halloween there then) we decided just to dress up in stuff around the house for fun– Larry disappeared and I thought he dropped out, but then he came out of the bathroom all wrapped in toilet paper like a mummy! funny! happy Halloween (in Sept??!) xox

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    1. Oh that sounds like SO much fun. My kids are just now getting to the point where they like to play dress up. So I think Halloween this year will be fun.
      Lol yes Happy Halloween in Dec. I think my post was published early.


      1. Hope you post Halloween pics when it rolls around Lacey! We’re already on the calendar to have a bunch of young adults from church come make a fire pit fire in our front yard and pass out candy and drink cider for Halloween. (and the stores a full of Halloween stuff already!) take care! xo

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      2. Isn’t that so fun? I love to pass out candy and see all the kids dressed up. Sitting outside is a good idea. We have one of the little kids try to come in every year!


      3. I live sort of close to the school where I taught and every year I have students show up at the door and they are surprised to see their old teacher passing out the candy! It’s fun! Happy weekend– Did you make it to the mermaid party??! xox

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      4. That’s funny. I remember being younger and always thinking it was so weird to so a teacher outside of school. Ha!
        We did indeed. It was a fancy party, and Aerial from the Little Mermaid even made an appearance.
        How was your weekend?


      5. Hey Lacey! Sounds like the best kind of little girl birthday! We had a pretty quiet weekend, except for a friends birthday party on Saturday. They have a view across the county from their deck and we sat out and ate Mexican food (from my favorite restaurant!) and talked late. Good times. Hope your week’s rolling along well– It’s almost Thursday!! hugs friend.

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      6. Oh a view and friends and Mexican food sounds perfect. Yay! Made it to Thursday 🙂 I’m on my way over to check out your Eating in Wisconsin post. I must say, you have me wanting to visit there!

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