And Remember, Watch out for Witches.

Not my daughter, but a pretty good stock photo for the topic ๐Ÿ™‚

My 3 year old daughter is a talker. I mean she tells you how it is and what she wants non-stop. All. Day. Long. She started this thing a few weeks ago where she would tell me something in a normal tone and then unrelated add very seriously “and remember, watch out for witches.”


“Mommy, we need to brush our teeth, and remember, watch out for witches.”

“We can play in the yard, and remember, watch out for witches.”

“It’s time for dinner, and remember, watch out for witches.”


She also has been trying her hand at storytelling. Some are simple like, “A sick baby monkey goes with his mom to the grocery store. They buy bananas, and he feels better. And remember, watch out for witches.”

Some stories are more in depth like, “Mermaid has to protect all the colors. If the bad guys steal them, they will make potion with them. Then they will make cookies with the potion. If you eat the cookies then you become a bad guy. So Mermaid has to protect ALLLLL the colors from ALLLLL the bad guys, and remember, watch out for witches.”

I even picked her up one evening from my sister’s house where they had spent the entire time hunting witches in the backyard. I have no clue where she got this from. She doesn’t act scared though, ย informative if anything. And I find it to be extremely entertaining.

This went on for several weeks. Then it stopped, and I didn’t hear anything about the witches for a few days. So when I passed by my daughter’s room and saw her on the floor playing with all her stuffed animals I paused in the doorway and said, “Riley, remember, watch out for witches.”

She didn’t look up at me but instantly stopped. As I turned to walk away I heard her whisper to herself in disbelief, “I forgot about the witches!”

I can’t wait to hear what she comes up with next.

45 thoughts on “And Remember, Watch out for Witches.

  1. haha hilarious! The things they come up with! My daughter is the same age and also a non-stop talker with opinions about everything. These days she’s obsessed with Paw patrol and barks all day long and repeats the storylines from the shows. She also problem solves every situation using Paw Patrol examples. It’s pretty entertaining!

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    1. Oh my gosh my kids do that too, and it is entertaining. Like they say “MIssion Complete” after they finish doing anything. That Paw Patrol is like kid crack.


  2. hahahha… This is hilarious…and cute…lol my 11 yo hasn’t stopped talking and boy is he a talker… I remember when I just couldn’t wait for him to learn to talk…So he could tell me stories about any and everything… whew…! He even talks in his sleep…lol…

    Susie sent me…!

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  3. And remember-watch out for witches! I love it. My daughter didn’t have a great catch phrase, but many years later, she confessed the the Irises that grew in the garden terrified her. Little by little other things came out–and was amazed at the imagination she had.

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  4. WOW… I’m just impressed that your three-year-old can talk that well, let alone come up with those stories.

    My three-year-old is still speaking in short phrases, many of which are tough to understand. I’m hoping it’s because her big sister talks nonstop, and I have to remind myself that her big sister also talked late but now has an impressive vocabulary. They’re all different, of course…

    But yeah–that’s adorable! I LOVE their magical imaginations right now and it’s awesome that you’re blogging it so you won’t forget the great stuff she’s saying ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Hi Erin! I bet it is because she has an older sister. I’ve heard that’s common. My son is older than my daughter but has had a speech delay. I think that actually contributes to my daughter being more talkative. She tries to speak for him all the time. We’re always like “thank you. let him answer. . . ”

      Yes I agree. I try to hang on to all the good stuff and remember myself, but really I forget it by the next week.

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  5. All those wonderful childhood memories–so glad you are writing them down. It’s so easy to forget the little things they do to make us smile–one blink and they are grown and living their own lives. Lovely post. Remember, watch out for witches! Dawn

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    1. It IS so easy to forget about the little things. I’ll have something show up on my social media feeds from the previous year(s) and cannot believe what I forgot.
      Thanks for reading, and you watch out for witches too!

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