Don’t Wake Cat!

My 5 year old son is a persistent inventor. He doesn’t tell us his plans upfront. He comes to ask for help with 100 small tasks that eventually get bigger and bigger and bigger. Then right when he is about to get in trouble for something, like climbing the counters to get to the scissors, he’ll reveal a brilliant plan. My frustration will immediately dissipate, and I (usually) stop whatever it is I am doing to try to help find a safer and/or less messy way to execute his idea.

A few weeks ago he came up to me with a small sheet of paper and asked if I’d draw a sleeping face on it. I did. He left.

He came back with some masking tape and asked if I could tear off a small piece. I did. He left.

He came back with about 30 smaller pieces of paper and asked for help drawing 30 different things on them, a pair of binoculars, a train, a clock, a book, etc. We did that together. He left.

He dumped out all of the toys in his bins. This is the part where I started to get frustrated. He explained he was making a game. I didn’t get it (yet). I let him continue because I know from past experience these aren’t random acts.

I still tried not to get frustrated when he dragged out his mini couch and a blanket. It seemed like he was just making a mess, but I reminded myself againΒ this is purposefully orchestrated.

My son put his Cat in the Hat doll on his mini couch and covered Cat with the blanket. The sleeping face I had drawn earlier was taped over Cat’s face. My son turned his toy bins upside down to create a boarder around the couch. Then on top of the bins he lined up our tiny pictures of different toys we had drawn. Lastly, he gathered up all of his Paw Patrol stuffed animals and asked his little sister and I to play “Don’t Wake Cat!”.

Don't Wake Cat!

Everyone was assigned a Paw Patrol character as their game piece. We had to pick one of the pictures of the toys we had drawn from the bin in front of us. Then we had to progress to that picture without waking Cat. If we were too loud, my son would pull the sleeping face flap down, and Cat would be awake. If we woke Cat up we had to start over. The first person to make it to the last bin without waking Cat won.


See. Like I said, brilliant. Yeah, I realize there are some holes in the game, like how my son was in charge of deciding if Cat got woken up or not. So obviously he won the game. Overall I thought the attention to detail and concept were impressive and original. I love the way this kid’s mind works, and I am reminded once again that he always, always, always has a plan.

30 thoughts on “Don’t Wake Cat!

  1. What a kid! I have a son kind of like him. I remember watching him study his hands as a 6 or 8 week old baby. When babies discover their hands, it is a random thing. It bumps their face-they look at it for a few seconds, it moves out of view, and they move on. This happens over and over until they start to figure out how to control this ‘thing’. When my second son discovered his hands, he sat and studied them, he very deliberately moved them, wiggles the fingers, watching what they did, how they moved. I knew I was ‘in trouble’ then. I was right. He is now a delightful 31 year old, still exploring, creating and experimenting.
    So…can’t wait to hear more about this inventor. He is a delight.

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    1. Oh I have had those “I’m in trouble moments” too lol. Did he ever slow down? I LOVE it about my son, but when we finish one things he’s already got the next lined up!


  2. Keeps you on your toes eh!!
    I’ve so been there. I have a pair of twins, now grown up, both very imaginative and adventurous as kids. πŸ™‚ we used to have so much fun playing their games.
    Have fun with your lovely child.

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  3. I’m soon heading to college visits with my oldest. I walked through the park today to see a 2 year old feeding the ducks just as we had on a beautiful fall day like today some 16 years ago (with fantastic pictures of a terrified child fleeing when the ducks got assertive!) It goes by so fast…cherish the experiences together.

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  4. What a cool story. I do think there’s brilliance behind these plans – it was very elaborately executed! I think half the board games on shelves aren’t as well thought out as this one.

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  5. OK, this is absolutely awesome Lacey!! This boy s is destined for great things!!– so inventive and pulling you all in to play! And persistent to get it all together!! I’m so glad you gave us the step by step with photos! Reminds me of our Maryann– always inventing– last time a complete set of instruments made of paper and cardboard at our house (none of which worked– but they were fun!). Fun post!! hugs to all!

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      1. HI Lacey –And this week she made little paper halloween costumes for her guinea pigs– they probably loved being decked out (???) We just keep them supplied with paper and glue, right?? hugs hugs!

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      2. Oh I love this so much! Oh yes for sure the guinea pigs appreciated it.

        Yes! I tell people to seriously just give them paper, tape, colors, and glue. I think people don’t believe me, but it’s what they use the most of and love to create with.


      3. Seriously Lacey– that’s the best– that’s why your guy is so inventive! One year for Christmas my sis filled her little sons Christmas stocking with scotch tape and he was thrilled! ha ha ha! xox

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