Week in Review

Week in Review 11/3/17

I hope everyone had a great week. Thanks for checking out my weekly series, Week in Review, posted every Friday. Enjoy a recap of how the week went down and tell me about yours.


1) What’s gotten my attention this week?

Light TV. I know there’s serious and important events happening in the world. But work has ran me ragged this week. Between that and a little boy who sneaks into my bed and then pushes me off or punches me in the face, I’m feeling tired and run down. So I was excited to realize I was several weeks behind on watching Bob’s Burger and Last Man on Earth episodes. Do you ever have weeks like that? Where you’re too tired to keep up with anything extra on your plate and settle for lighthearted TV to give your brain and body a break?


2) What blog should you check out?

Real Live Autism. Want to laugh? Want to learn something? Want to read something inspiring? Check out this amazing mom’s blog where she does write about autism, but a myriad of topics as well. Seriously. Check it out.

***If you want your blog highlighted on a Week in Review post, leave a link in the comments by clicking here


3) What’s been going on this week?

Halloween. My parents, sisters, nieces and nephews all got together to do our annual Halloween celebration that consists of pizza for dinner, a Halloween movie playing in the background, and trick or treating. I love it. I went as Velma, my kids as paw patrol pups, my nieces as an emoji and the Morton salt girl, and my nephews as a greaser and ninja turtle.

4) What’s going on this weekend?

Dare I say nothing? Did I just jinx myself? I think we are going to ride the calm before the holiday storm.

5) Did you miss this post?

Struggling Accept and Autism Diagnosis. This one was a hard one to write, but I think it helped me.



Thanks for reading. How was your week? Tell me, what are you up to this weekend?

– Lacey 

12 thoughts on “Week in Review 11/3/17

  1. Love the costumes Lacey!! Did you say you got the parts from a thrift store?? Good work! Sounds like a really fun evening. Our kids trick or treated with cousins the couple of years we were in California when they were small. And you looked adorable! Hope you got your quiet low key weekend! I’m anticipating holiday hub bub ahead too. take care friend. xoxo

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    1. Thank you! Yes I got all the pieces (minus the socks) at a thrift store in about 10 min. I just went down the aisles looking for the colors I needed, and I found everything in my size!

      How’s your week going so far?


      1. Awesome! I’m a big thrift store fan– about half our furniture came from there. Week’s good–less crazy than October. I’m just really excited for Thanksgiving in a couple weeks– making plans… anyway, I thought the Halloween costumes were so bright and fun! xox

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      2. Oh furniture is a good idea. I always eyeball but have such a hard time deciding on pieces of furniture.

        Are you hosting or attending or both for Thanksgiving?


      3. Hey Lacey– We’re having Thanksgiving at our house for the first time in forever!! Can’t wait. I’m already planning and re-planning the menu. And my favorite thrift store piece is a heavy hutch we got for $75 (on the half price day!)– It was dark (ugly) brown wood so I painted it sage green– that lasted several years) and now it’s ligiht blue. So much storage and extra serving space by the dining room table. Really love thrift store dishes, but we are kind of at our dish limit around here!! What does your Thanksgiving look like??

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      4. Oh how exciting! I know your menu is going to out of this world. I can’t wait to see and read about it.

        You can’t go wrong with a good hutch. Our house is busting at the seams. If I bring home anymore pieces my husband may blow a gasket! But I love to find furniture treasures.

        I think we will be going to my inlaws on Thanksgiving (about an hour and a half away) and back home to my sister’s for our second round the day after. Not sure what I’m signed up to bring yet . . .


  2. Hey Lacey– Sounds like a good Thanksgiving — two places, but spread out over two days. And then the weekend to catch up with yourself! Is you sister close by?? And —our house is the same, pretty much filled with thrift store furniture and dishes!!). The first 20 years we were married we full on moved 13 times (CA, Texas, Costa Rica, Spain…), but now we’ve been in this house 23 years, long enough to collect so much stuff! So yep, we don’t need anymore thrift store “treasures.” too bad. OK, well, Happy Thanksgiving!! Hope it’s a sweet time with all the family on both sides!! hugs hugs.

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    1. My sister lives a few miles down the road from us; so we love that!

      Wow that’s SO much moving but still so cool you’ve been in your current place for 23 years. That’s sounds like a good combo, see a lot of different places and then settle.


      1. Hi Lacey– yep we are pretty settled. But now that Larry’s retired, I hope we are ready to unsettle a bit. We’re talking about how we should used this gift of so much time– I’m ready for an adventure while we can. Always love hearing from you Lacey– the best! xo


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