I live with a 5 year old inventor.

My son designs and creates at least 1 new thing a day. Sometimes it is something little and sometimes it is a big production. We encourage him to do what he can on his own and help out when he needs it.

I was reading Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew by Ellen Notbohm. I came across a passage that said identifying his learning style will help me to help him. I read through a list and some descriptions. Nope. Nope. Nope. None of the learning styles described my son. Then at the bottom was spatial learners. Spatial learners are the builders. The ones with an innate understanding of physics and geometry.

I looked up and there was a castle constructed out of bins in our living room that went all the way down the hall. I could hear my son in the next room asking my husband to cut out a hexagon for him. Then I heard my son tell my husband that he had cut out an octagon, not a hexagon.

BINGO! We have a spatial learner!

I love that about him. Like I said, he creates at least 1 thing a day (and of course little sister is never far behind helping). I don’t have pictures of everything, but I thought it’d be fun to share a few things I do have pictures of.


A movie theater popcorn bag




A Ghostbuster Car

Homemade Ghostbuster Car


He “modified” our lawnmower to be a Paw Patrol 2000 dog poop picker upper.

"modified" lawnmower to be a Paw Patrol 2000 dog poop picker upper


A Dinosaur Corral

A Dinosaur Corral 


He put his sneakers on some rolling lego platforms to make skates.


He made my husband a Nintendo for his birthday. The inside is complete with video game accessories.



He fashioned some furniture and various pieces to create a sitting area and his own board game.



So yeah. I live with a 5 year old inventor, and it’s pretty awesome. I have no clue what he’s going to come up with next, but I can’t wait to find out.

23 thoughts on “I live with a 5 year old inventor.

  1. Wow, Lacey he is amazing! Good for your son. 🙂 Like Da Vinci!

    I love that you learned his learning style, as a way to relate to and support your child. That is full of wisdom.

    Blessings to you and your family!
    ps – I’ll be off email for two weeks! About to enter a spiritual retreat. Please feel free to contribute to ForgivingFridays if you want to….I’m going to post them all when I get back online (a forgiveness collage of posts!)

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    1. Thanks Debbie. I think he’s pretty amazing 🙂 I hope you have the very best retreat, and I’ll look forward to a beautiful collage of forgiveness posts!!!


  2. That’s a lot of work done by a five year old, Lacey. Loved his engineering skills. May be you should include that in your weekly reviews: “Creations/Inventions of this week” will be something that we will all look forward to.

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  3. My nephew Joshua is the same. He is a college senior now but has invented something just about every day of his life.Now he is inventing computer games and making big money for his after-school job. He has never talked much and my daughter Jennifer is convinced that he is on the Asberger-end of the spectrum.

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