Week in Review

Week in Review 1/12/18

I hope everyone had a great week. Thanks for checking out my weekly series, Week in Review, posted every Friday. Enjoy a recap of how the week went down and tell me about yours.

1) What’s gotten my attention this week?

Mom Must-Haves.  Every month City Moms Blog does a live Facebook event where they showcase must-have mom items. I’ve only caught December’s, but each item was from a company ran by a woman who were in some way also making a social impact, like for every item bought they give one to a person in need. One person who attends and interacts on the live event wins the entire list of products. Their January must-haves are being showcased tonight at 8:15 central. Here is there Facebook page so you can tune in too.

2) What blog post should you check out?

Jannat007. Jannat is a family orientated, 18 year old blogger working towards going to University. For a bit of encouragement head over and check her blog out where posts range from quotes to inspirations to opinions.

3) What’s been going on this week?

My Birthday. It was yesterday. I took the day off work. The family and I had waffles at Waffle Champion.  It was delicious, and everyone ate happily.

Then we went to Current Studio to check out an immersive art exhibit,  Factory Obscura presents “SHIFT”.  It was a unique, dreamlike experience where we were actually encouraged to touch and interact with everything there. We had to drag my son out, and he’s begging to go back.

Then my husband helped the kids make me a cake. My son wanted chocolate icing and my daughter wanted a pink cake. My son also wrapped up a police car he got from the treasure box at school for good behavior and gave to me. My daughter made me a card. It was the best part of a really good day.

4) What’s going on this weekend?

I don’t think we have any plans, but I also feel like I maybe forgetting something. . . .

5) Did you miss this post?

Click here to join the Meet and Greet. To celebrate my birthday and blog anniversary I have been hosting a meet and greet this week. I’ve asked bloggers to share their favorite posts from 2017 and check out the links left by other bloggers. I am also going to share these links in my Week in Review posts.

It’s not too late for you to participate! Today is the last day. So head over and promote your best pieces.


6) What did my kids create?

A circus. This could work figuratively too, but they really did make an actual circus. My son got circus sand molds for Christmas from his grandparents.

My son and daughter worked on it, but my son wasn’t satisfied that there was no roof for the circus. So he covered it with a doll house and added a parking lot (the paper towel to the right), and like a true Okie he added a tornado siren to the left (the red solo cup).


There’s also a little trail leading from the top of the yard to the circus that is now known as “Circus Road”.


Thanks for reading. How was your week? Tell me, what are you up to this weekend?

– Lacey 


8 thoughts on “Week in Review 1/12/18

  1. Hey Lacey! OK, love the circus!! All the details and thought that goes into planning it. And your kids look bigger!! Maybe haven’t seen them for a bit. —Plus– Happy Birthday! Love he police car gift–and the card. Isn’t that the best? And your waffles look so yummy!! Are they stuffed with something? So Happy Weekend– nothing planned. sounds great for a change! I’m home from church this morning with a ripping cold/cough. Was awake all night– so I’m trying to rest it away! Hugs to all of you there!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Rhonda! It really was the best. I heard my daughter ask my husband when he was putting her to bed, “Do you think mommy had the best birthday ever?” Ahhhh melt my heart!
      Yes the waffle was a monte cristo sandwich!
      Oh no, the cough/cold combo where you can’t sleep is the worst, I’m sorry to hear it. Have you gotten some rest by now I hope???


      1. Glad your birthday was so sweet Lacey! Kids can really add so much richness to any day. She’s a sweetheart. and- After 10 days of hacking, I went to to doc and got some heavy duty medicine and am feeling better– I’m determined to be A-OK by tomorrow for a Girls Day Out with my Mom & Sis. thanks for asking! xo


  2. Oh Lacey! I love this! Happy birthday, so glad you had a great day. And that circus that your kids made is precious. So are they. I was in a class this weekend consciousness, health and healing. We worked on the fourth chakra, the heart. Very helpful for me to accept myself. I love you, Debbie


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