Don’t Wait to Ask For the Autism Screening

Toddler playing

Don’t be like me.

Don’t just wait and see if your child grows out of the delays or behaviors you are concerned about. I didn’t learn how important early intervention is until after getting our son’s autism diagnosis at the age of 5.

Sure, I did address our worries about my son’s language delay with his pediatrician. We did have my son in speech therapy. But we all were just waiting… waiting to see how things progressed. And because our pediatrician was not pushing screenings or acting concerned, we didn’t know we needed to be.

This is my latest piece published on the Oklahoma City Moms Blog. You can read the rest by clicking here.

24 thoughts on “Don’t Wait to Ask For the Autism Screening

  1. Such great information! We waited too. We got the he will grow out of it. You need to be more firm with him. You need to …. I cried when we finally got the diagnosis not because of the diagnosis but because it meant I wasn’t the bad mom I thought I was. Thank you for the wonderful information for parents.

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    1. Yes, if you don’t know then just wait. Now I just want to yell about early intervention from the roof tops so other parents know about it.
      We got a little of that too, like “you need to tell him ‘no’ more”. People aren’t there all the time to see it, and they just really don’t know.

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  2. I understand you. My parents were and are in denial, so I wasn’t diagnosed till age 20. I did get some early intervention as a child because I’m blind, but everyone thought I’d grow out of my problems too. It’s not your fault though for waiting. You didn’t know what you know now.

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  3. That was great Lacey- so helpful and encouraging. It’s so true that the sooner you work with children on any condition, the better. I loved when you said “our son is still the same kid he was before.” You are so wise. hugs to all!

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      1. I think it’s getting better. I just feel like there’s no guidance from the pediatrician, which is where I would think it would start. The school has been more helpful than anything!


    1. It’s hard to know you need to let them develop at their own pace and when there might be another issue. We don’t know what we don’t know, and in our case I don’t think we had a ton of guidance. I’m way more proactive now.


      1. i certainly agree with you. Lucky for those who are in places that have good facilities for these cases. Yes. me and my husband are reading and watching different kinds of stuff just to learn more about autism.

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      2. It’s so overwhelming at first, isn’t it? Or at least it was for me. So much information and so many acronyms. It kind of felt like learning about a new language and culture.


      3. Yeah I feel the same way as well. since my son has sensory disintegration and has speech delay. so we have to adjust in so many things. But I know in time it will be easier.

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