Week in Review

Week in Review 2/9/18

I hope everyone had a great week. Thanks for checking out my weekly series, Week in Review, posted every Friday. Enjoy a recap of how the week went down and tell me about yours.

1) What’s gotten my attention this week?

Burger King. I stumbled across this Burger King commercial where they use Whoopers to explain net neutrality. I thought it was a clever and entertaining way to try and help people understand it. Sadly, reading through the comments on the video it seems people still missed the point.

2) What blog post should you check out?

Winter Smoothie Prep Packs. I feel kindred to Kris, the writer behind The Hungry Boys blog. She’s a foodie mom too, and her blog is full of helpful and healthy recipes. This winter smoothie post is no different. It encouraged me to try garbanzo beans in a smoothie, which I had never done or thought to do before. She’s full of good ideas like that.

**I had a Meet and Greet recently where I asked bloggers to share their favorite posts from 2017. I’m going to a highlight a post a week from the links left. If you would like to leave a link and have a piece highlighted on a Week in Review post, click here and leave it in the comments.**

3) What’s been going on this week?

Episodes. I’ve been taking it easy and resting when I’m not working, which really translates to binge watching stuff on Netflix. Episodes is my most recent show. It originally aired on Showtime and does have a TV-MA rating. There’s a ton of cussing and filthy parts. Even so, it’s really funny. It’s about 2 British TV writers who come to LA to adapt their award winning show into an American version. Little by little their beloved show gets stripped away and turned into something unrecognizable. I’ve sadly finished it though. So now I need for you to tell me all about the good stuff you are watching.

4) What’s going on this weekend?

See above. Hopefully binge watching your show recommendations.

5) Did you miss this post?

Girl Scout Cookie Ice Cream. Since it’s Girl Scout cookie time again you don’t want to miss this recipe.


6) What did my kids create?

Train Valentines. Actually they made these 2 years ago. They did make stuff this week, but I was a slacker mom and didn’t get any pictures. So here’s some train valentines from a while ago instead.

group valentine

Thanks for reading. How was your week? Tell me, what are you up to this weekend?

– Lacey 

9 thoughts on “Week in Review 2/9/18

  1. Hey Lacey– so fun that the kids make Valentines!! they probably loved it. And- glad you’re getting to kick back a bit! Did I already mention our Netflix favorite– Somebody Feed Phil?? Very funny guy goes to 6 countries over 6 episodes and eats food and meets people. Make you want to head off to all those places! It’s great. Hope you’re enjoying the weekend! We’re off to dinner with friends to my favorite place– a not fancy American-Mexican combo place– IL Amerikano. hug hugs friend.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ugh I’m sorry. I had step over Thanksgiving and was sick off an on through Dec. This has been a rough season for sickness. Seems worse than usual.


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