1st Trimester Rants


Why do all people have to eat food? Why do people at work heat their food up and eat it at their desks? Why do people post so much food on social media? Is no place safe?!?

I need a nap. Can I get away with sleeping at my desk at work? Can I get away with reserving a conference room and taking a nap in there?

My boobs hurt!

Please don’t ask me how I am doing. I’ll have to lie, or the answer will always be nauseous or tired.

Why do foods that I love and usually eat daily repulse me? Garlic, onions, Parmesan, I loved you but now I hate you.

Why are my pants already not fitting? I’m barely pregnant. But I don’t even look pregnant. I just look like I’m getting fat. But I’m not even keeping enough food down to be getting fat.

Why is it called “morning sickness” when I’m sick all the time? In fact I’m the sickest in the afternoons and evenings. “All the time sickness.” That’s more like it.

I wish there was a way for my family to eat meals without having to heat anything up. The smells linger. Especially chicken. I feel like I know the truth about chicken now, it’s real scent. I can smell the sickness in chicken.

Will I ever feel like myself again?

Can I just take a day off work and not tell anyone? I could go somewhere and sleep all day. No wait. I can’t take PTO from work. I need to save that up for my doctor’s appointments and maternity leave.

I think ginger ale or anything ginger makes me sick just because I associate it with being nauseous now. Hold on. I have to pee.

How can I get my kids a substitute mom for a few weeks? I’m terrible. My husband’s great though. I hope he doesn’t get tired of me because I’m so terrible.

Who’s eating chicken?!

Where are my saltines?!

43 thoughts on “1st Trimester Rants

  1. ugh I hated those days. I was always sick at night so I never understood the morning sickness thing either. Hope it starts to get better, or else you could run away every day at meal times? No wait that won’t work either. Hope it passes soon and food tastes yummy again. I say treat yourself to something you like… ice cream? chocolate?

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    1. Yes! It had to of been a man that coined the phrase “morning sickness”. Good idea! There’s a cookie shop by house that sounds pretty good. . .


  2. Lacey, all day sickness must be the worst ever. Feel better soon and I hope you find something that you enjoy eating soon.
    I remember that ‘fat stage’ shame….never mind, soon everything will be in proportion and you will look pregnant.

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  3. Brings back memories! With my second my coworker heated up salmon in the microwave. For breakfast. Who the f*** does that sitting next to a pregnant woman?! It still makes me irate.

    As you know, maintaining a sense of humor and being flexible are important parenting skills. Certainly thatโ€™s the purpose of โ€œmorningโ€ sickness.๐Ÿ˜‰

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  4. Such joyful news shouldn’t be accompanied by such miserable feelings. They can’t last forever and I hope they’re over soon. I hope they’re already over!

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      1. It’s cool she is still is close by (with your other sibling relocations!!). My sis is close again after 3 years in China and 3 more in Kosovo!! (I feel like hiding her passport!). Glad she’s taking care of you! xox

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  5. I feel sad for you and at the same time inside I’m happy to know that I’m not an outlier with the brutal morning sickness. As a foodie, it’s such a struggle for me. It’s the worst when you’re simultaneously nauseous and hungry. Hopefully it eases up for you soon! Best wishes. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  6. The worst about first trimester for me was I didn’t look pregnant but just bigger, I could fit in all my clothes but had what looked like a giant food baby!

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