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I HATE getting my oil changed.


I’ve started to hate it when it’s time for me to get my oil changed. Why has this simple task became such a procrastinated and dreaded errand for me? Well let me tell you about the last few time I’ve gone to get it taken care of.

The time before last I used a Groupon at Jiffy Lube. The guy changing my oil said it wouldn’t be safe for me to leave because “such and such fluid”  was so low. I told him I was only there to get my oil changed. When he kept pressing it, I asked him to print off the information for me so I could show my husband. He got very quiet, did not say another word to me, and only gave me my receipt. My husband checked “such and such fluid.” It was full. My husband thought they saw an easy target when a woman went in after work using a Groupon to get an oil change.

The next time I went to a different drive up place where I was told I was due for about a dozen different services totally over $1000. They did give me a print out of the information. My husband said we were good on all of them. Since my husband is the handiest, most mechanical, can-fix-anything man in the world, I 100% trust his opinion here.

I am trying to find a place I feel comfortable going to. So this week I went to a different drive up oil change place.  That’s right, the third one. I pulled in and immediately said I am here only for an oil change. I proceeded to get asked if I want any of the dozen services they say I am due for. No, I am only here for an oil change. Next I get asked if I want my tires rotated. No, I am only here for an on oil change. Next I get asked if I want my air filter changed. This time I answer more firmly that I only have enough dollars to give him to pay for an oil change.

I realize after a certain number of miles certain services are recommended, and it’s part of their job to up-sale. But I have seriously started to dread getting my oil changed. I hate to say it, but I feel like they are trying to take advantage of me. Anyone else experience this or feel this way?

28 thoughts on “I HATE getting my oil changed.

  1. We’ve had the same thing happen as well! I avoided jiffy lube at all costs. The last time I went in, the mechanic brought my cabin air filter in to me and asked if I wanted him to change it. I asked him that if it were his vehicle would he change It? Uh… no. Since then, we have found an auto clinic that is just great (and trustworthy!)

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    1. Haha I LOVE that you called him out on it. I’ve heard from several people that Jiffy Lubes are the worst.
      Oh how I want to find a trustworthy place! My search continues. . .


  2. This whole post brings up my whole Monday morning.. and my experience.

    Short story — I was going to get my brakes inspected for a second time for a estimate to compare prices (I find out they don’t need replaced until mid summer – fall season) and I was happy to hear that, BUT big BUT, they found an issue with my car after driving it into the shop -_- so then they bring it to my attention that it could be a safety situation and I should definitely get it fixed, well the price was around 300 dollars. I was thinking, okay.. fine.. so then I decide to wait while assuming they are working on my car, COME TO FIND OUT, they find that something else needs replaced in order to continue to the work, and so now the price is upped to 600 dollars and I am anxious and kind of already worried and frustrated but agree to it anyways. They have their company drive me home and tell me it will be done in 2 hours — THEN… 4 HOURS LATER they call me and tell me that the parts they told me that would come together in packaging, don’t come together, so now I have to pay 800 dollars worth to continue the process, i am pissed off at this point and very anxiety ridden, but I continue on because what can I do?

    6 hours later, they finish with my car and take off like 130 dollars? which in my opinion isnt enough considering the situation but at least they did that much. basically I feel like they took total advantage of me and got their money’s worth doing so.. yeah I was pissed this morning.


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      1. Right! that’s exactly what my boss said on Monday when I was explaining the story to her. I feel like, at this point, you might as well finish the job.


  3. I hear ‘ya. All that up-selling makes me crazy. So much so that one of the nicest gifts my husband has given me is that he takes my car to have the oil changed. Who says romance is dead? 😉

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  4. Ugh! It’s pretty much an endurance test! Good luck on finding a place that just changes your oil!! But at least it’s done now for a while… (I don’t even like to stop for gas — car maintanance!) hugs Lacey!

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    1. You are SO right; it’s an endurance test. Hahaha yeah I don’t like to stop for gas either, especially if the kids are with me or if it’s cold.


  5. Oh my god. That’s just so bad, I been I know an oil change isn’t a big job and they don’t get much money for it, but fuck it’s the most important job on a car.
    I had it once where they charged me £80 (maybe US$150) to change the oil on my car because they carried out a flush I hadn’t asked for. Last time I used them.
    Can’t hubby do it?

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    1. What?! $150?! I would have been so angry. Did you leave or have to pay it?

      He probably could. At the least I think I may ask him to take it in to get it changed till I find a place that is not trying to rob me.


      1. I guess that’s going to be you for some months ahead. I have no idea but I’m guessing mixed feeling of joy and anxiety I’m guessing.
        I’m good… busy as always and not enough hours in the day. lol

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      2. Yes! Other women get pregnancy glows and energy in their 2nd trimester. I’m still waiting for mine!
        Seriously, to more hours in the day.


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