Big News Received Anticlimactically 


Because of my “advanced maternal age” I qualified for some genetic pre-screenings for the baby. The tests came back negative and were also able to identify at 13 weeks what the sex of the baby is. I got the call last Friday morning at work and told the nurse I wanted to know the sex. When she said “a girl” I was surprised. I’ve been having dreams about another little boy in our family for over a year now. I just knew we were going to have another son.

I wasn’t disappointed though. I let the news sink in and got excited. On my lunch break I went to the nearest bakery to pick up some pink treats. My boss kindly let me leave a few hours early since I was bursting to tell my husband and kids the news.

My husband saw the pink and whispered excitedly, “We’re having another girl?!”

I should probably include a reminder here that my kids are 3 and 5. They didn’t catch the meaning of the pink. So I prompted, “You know how I’m pregnant? Well we found out today whether you are going to have a sister or a brother. So I picked up some pink treats for you guys because you are going to be having a sister!”

Radio silence.

“Soooooo are the cookies for the baby?” asked my daughter.

“Do we have to wait till the baby is here before we get to eat the donuts?” asked my confused son.

“Oh no. These are for you guys just so we can celebrate the baby is girl. That’s why it’s all pink,” I tried to explain.

“We can eat these now?” they both asked.

“Yes! Eat up!” I answered realizing that I probably didn’t pick an age appropriate way to deliver the news. I laughed. Of course they would be more concerned about all the pretty treats being dangled in front of them instead of the gender of the baby.

After they were sugared up they were more open to hearing and talking about the news. We all had a cookie, and now we’re all excited!
















47 thoughts on “Big News Received Anticlimactically 

  1. In fairness, I am also more open to cookie news!
    I’m happy for you, though I would have been happy either way. My nephews are really angling for a baby sister right now. I’m sure they would like the eating method of celebrating!

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  2. so exciting to find out what you are having even if the news didn’t seem to phase your kids as much as having sweet treats. It’s always interesting to see how kids deal with news.

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  3. Love it! So cute– “do we have to wait until the baby is here before we get to eat the donuts?!!!! And I’m so happy for you Lacey. Every little girl needs a sister. Big girls too. This is wonderful news! xox

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  4. OMG CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I’ve been so out of the loop!

    Sisters are awesome (but I’m a little biased). I hope you have a nice, easy pregnancy (it’s harder when you already have a toddler and I’ve never had TWO toddlers while pregnant, so that’s a brave new world) and how exciting. 🙂

    It’s so funny how blasé kids can be about big news. I think it takes them time to process the implications. Kind of like: cookies are here NOW, baby is a ways in the future, lol.

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    1. Haha thank you. This time around has been hard because I’ve been sick for so long. The hubs has picked up SO much slack and been amazing though. I need to get him some sort of ultimate dude appreciate gift.

      Yes! Now I see that was kind of an obvious reaction from them, especially since I didn’t get them a heads up about finding out the sex. I think if they knew ahead of time, and like you said had time to process, their reaction would have been different. Of course they were concerned about the cookies!

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      1. Aw, I’m sorry… “morning” sickness is brutal. Some women seem to fly through pregnancy without a hitch, but I found it super tiring and uncomfortable (especially the beginning and end). Knowing it will all be worth it helps, but it’s still miserable at times.

        I’m glad your husband is helping out so much. I feel so bad for women who don’t have help.

        Haha, yes… Brontë kind of took my pregnancy in stride, like it was no big thing. I think it sinks in later and she had mixed feelings.

        Sometimes they just don’t show it, though. Like they aren’t sure how to socially react, so they just don’t.

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      2. Yeah I’m not the best pregant lady there ever was. I’m 15 weeks and am like “Hey! Where’s my glow? Where’s my energy?”

        True true. it’s a lot to process and they might not grasp it too.

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      3. Honestly, I never had the “glow” and found pregnancy incredibly uncomfortable, both times. It was exciting, but achy & nauseating & waaaaay too long, lol.

        Some women love being pregnant, but I clenched my teeth through it for the sake of the kids… which are awesome and worth it (most of the time).

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