Plum Print Review: Turning my kids’ art into a coffee table book.

I never win anything. So I was completely surprised when Military Moms Blog notified me that I won their Facebook giveaway for a Plum Print book. I had not heard of the company before winning but was excited to try it out. Plum Print sent me a big box to collect my kids’ artwork in with a prepaid label to send it back once I was finished gathering everything.

Then a few weeks later I got an email notification that they had professionally photographed all of the pieces and had a proof of a coffee table book for me to approve. I had a few small edits I sent back, like this piece can be removed or switch these two pages. Almost immediately I got an updated proof to review and approve.


About a week later the most beautiful keepsake a mom could ever ask for was delivered.

Plum Print Review: Turning my kids' art into a coffee table book.
Plum Print Review: Turning my kids' art into a coffee table book.
1st page
Plum Print Review: Turning my kids' art into a coffee table book.

Our house is de-cluttered a bit because I was able to send in drawings and paintings but also all the trinkets my kiddos have made and given us for presents.




The kids LOVED seeing their work turned into a book.


If you are interested in your own book you can click here to use this link for $20 off.

A few notable things to add, you get started by making a deposit, and then the cost is calculated by the number of pieces sent in. If I had not won the giveaway this is something I would have been interested in but probably would have had to save up for. (Don’t let that discourage you though. I promise there’s a good chance you make more money than I do!) The quality is 100% worth it. In fact, I think I will start keeping the best of the best pieces of my kids’ creations and ordering a book a year or every other year.

Also, duplicate books are 50% off. These would be perfect gifts for grandparents during the holidays or for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. Another unique thing Plum Print can do after your pieces have been sent in is make items like calendars, note cards, coasters, and throw pillows with your child’s artwork printed on them. More great gift ideas!

Thanks Military Moms Blog and Plum Print for giving our family such a special gift. We will keep this book and treasure it forever.

30 thoughts on “Plum Print Review: Turning my kids’ art into a coffee table book.

  1. What a beautiful keepsake! I really wish I’d known about this before we downsized and moved into the motorhome. I have a couple of bins in a small storage unit–I may be able to get rid of more stuff and still have all of those sweet mementos with me as I travel. How precious! Dawn

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    1. I hear you Dawn. I had just cleaned out and gotten rid a bunch of the kids’ stuff right before I won this. Ooops! It would be perfect for taking on your travels though.

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  2. Oh so beautiful. You will really appreciate it when they are grown. 3 of my children colored on plates at their school, it was baked by the teacher and I still have them on my wall. They were each 5 yo at the time….they are in their late 30s now…Great memory!

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  3. It came!! What fun Lacey! You know you’ll have that to remember all the paint and cutting and gluing as the kids grow big. And love love the look on Riley’s face! Thanks for remembering to share it out. xox

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