Our Adagio Tea Party

I recently discovered Adagio Teas. They have some cute tea collections that come in tins perfect to accompany a storytime or a princess party.  I decided to order a few different teas from their Fandom collection though. I wanted to have a cousin’s tea party for my kiddos and nieces and nephew, whose ages range from 3-11. I thought the teas from the Fandom Blends were perfect for that because each kid could take their leftover tea and tin home as a party favor. I ordered a mix of My Little Pony and video game characters.

Fandom TeasFandom Teas


My mom (who also kindly took ALL the pictures in this post!) and sister and I each brought some finger foods. Put together it made quite the spread if I do say so myself.

Adagio Tea Party


Then the kids picked out their teas and sat down to sample and nibble. They were dressed up and minded their manners. Not only did the teas come in fun packaging, but since the teas I ordered were loose-leaf, everyone had fun sampling, mixing, and smelling all of the blends. Favorites included Link’s Lefty (vanilla oolong, almond, white pear), Peach (peach, summer rose, almond, rose hips), and Rainbow Dash (mocha nut mate, mango, berry blast).



And I am here to tell you that tea parties are not just for girls. The boys (and even Monster) had a great time. Notice they have plastic cups instead of the glass though . . .

Tea parties aren't just for girls

Monster made it to the tea party


The tea party served double duty. The kids went outside to play after they were finished. So the adults all got to sit around the table and have our own tea party. The company sent a sample of their masala chai with my order, which turned out to be the favorite among the adults. In fact, I’ve already ordered some for Mother’s Day gifts. Bonus tip, we all liked it mixed with any of the teas that had vanilla. And even though I’m pregnant and can’t do it, I’m not going to tell if a drop of Bailey’s gets slipped into yours.

Masala Chai Tea

Thank you Adagio Teas for helping to pull off our perfect family tea party. I can’t wait to do it again!


28 thoughts on “Our Adagio Tea Party

  1. It was such a fun time! I want to try to make Sun tea next! I’ll get some cheese cloth, put the tea in, let it sit outside for a few hours and see what happens! I’ll let you know 🤔
    Tanx for including me!!!
    Luv ya,

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thanks Rhonda, it was really was fun. We did it at a time when the weather had been coldish. That seemed to help pull it off somehow too.


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