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5 Ways to Use Pesto This Summer


You know this blog is supposed to be about “family, food, and other good stuff.”  I haven’t written a food post in about 5 months though. Curiously that coincides with being pregnant. Yeah, so I’ve had a weird relationship with food lately. This one was written before I got all crazy and started hating things like chicken and the smell of maple though. So it’s safe to check out. I promise. It’s my latest piece on the Oklahoma City Moms Blog. Read it by clicking here.


7 thoughts on “5 Ways to Use Pesto This Summer

  1. Great post Lacey!! Loved your photo of the bight vibrant pesto in the jar! My mom likes to give me those big bags of pine nuts from Costco for birthdays etc and I am overflowing with pine nuts right now!! This sounds like a good way to use them this summer! Glad you’re making friends with food again! Didn’t you miss maple syrup?! hugs!

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    1. We’ve grown a few different varieties, and I’ve been surprised by the differences between some. The last kind we grew was pretty bitter, even when we picked it young.

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