My Dream Registry for Baby #3

Here I am approaching my third trimester with baby #3. Friends and family have started to ask if we will be having a shower. I answer no because we still have everything we need from the first two. I tend to get responses like “surely there’s something you need”. I certainly appreciate the thoughtfulness, but if I were to be truthful, like really for real truthful, the stuff we need to get ready for sweet baby #3 is not stuff I can just add to a registry at Target.

relaxation-3065579_640 (1)

If it were socially acceptable and logistically possible my dream registry for baby #3 would look something like this:

  • Naps for me for before and after the baby is born.
  • A date night with the husband so we can have some quiet time before the new born stage.
  • All the prenatal massages. It’s for baby too, I promise.
  • I’m not ready to get a new car with third row seating just yet. Narrower booster seats for the two big kids would help so the baby’s car seat can fit too.
  • Maybe diapers, maybe not? I know diaper showers are a thing, and of course getting diapers is a BIG help. In the past though I have had a hard time exchanging diapers for different sizes.
  • Help occasionally when the baby gets here. Help with the house or kids or meals. Just a little help sometimes.
  • Offer to host my kids’ birthday parties, which are right before I will be giving birth. (Just kidding. I really don’t expect anyone to do this. This is a dream registry though, right?)

See, the things we need to get ready for our next baby aren’t necessarily baby items or even tangible things to be purchased and given at a shower. And that’s okay. It’s just why we won’t be having one this time around.

What about you? Did you have a shower of some sort for your third plus kid? If so, what did you do?


8 thoughts on “My Dream Registry for Baby #3

  1. I think one other item you need is some pretty new clothing item that is practical for after the baby is born. your body feels like crap you are beyond exhausted. you just want to put on the most comfortable clothes you own, but hey if that comfortable item makes you feel pretty even for the 5 minutes before it is peed, pooped or puked on… hey it made you feel special for a bit

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  2. OK Lacey, I absolutely love this post. Because– it’s so honest. And these are all actually things can do for mom’s with and 2nd o 3rd or 4th (!) baby!! I wish I were there to drop off all the birthday party fixings for a couple of cute kids! You are the best! xoxo

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    1. Thanks Rhonda. I didn’t want it to sound selfish, but really it is true.
      I know you totally would drop off all the party stuff! Thank you friend!


      1. I actually started a draft to do this post for them, but didn’t know if it was long enough or strong enough. I’m sure I’ll come up with a few other things to add to the list though over the next few months.


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