I Tell People What Gifts to Get My Kids


Before my kids’ birthdays and then again before the holidays, I purge our house to make room for the influx of new things we will get. Of course we appreciate everything our friends and families give. But we live in a small house, and sometimes I feel like I’m drowning in toys and plastic. Plus I want my kids to respect and value what they do have.

For a few years, I told people no gifts were expected, but everyone brought gifts. When I really think about it, I am guilty of always bringing gifts to no-gifts-required parties. Then people started asking for gift suggestions.

This is my latest piece published on the Oklahoma City Moms Blog. Read the rest by clicking here.


16 thoughts on “I Tell People What Gifts to Get My Kids

  1. Hey Lacey– great post!! Often I just don’t know what to get for a birthday gift and specifics are good. And I loved how you prefaced it with the no gift/any gift/recycled gift suggestions!! And it’s cool that people followed through! Birthdays coming up in August?? Happy celebrating! hugs!

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    1. Thanks, I don’t know if we will always do that, but it worked great for us last year. Yes mam, birthday #1 in July. Birthday #2 in August. And then birthday #3 will be sometime in September!


      1. You’ll always have 3 birthdays in a row! I can’t wait to see what Riley picks out for her birthday– hard to beat flamingos!! Wish I were there to drop off some cakes! take care…

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  2. I don’t mind this kind of thing at all – I’d rather people have what they can actually use. I especially love to give experiences rather than things, so passes are a great option.

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  3. Omg, your post is BRILLIANT.

    I can’t you (and probably don’t have to), how hard I’ve fought against the slow flood of kid toys that seem to leak into every last corner and crevice of the house. Between gifts, grab bags, the kindergarten prize box at school… there are just SO many and of course the kids love ALL OF THEM (or think they do).

    The more I clear, though, the longer my kids spend playing with a single toy instead of dumping them all over the house, and I believe they are less overwhelmed/stressed when its manageable. I can’t believe it never occurred to me to ask for tickets/memberships/experiences or products that get used up. That would help SO much.

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    1. Yes!! They get “stuff” from everywhere, school, church, the hair cut place. . . everywhere.
      Some of the grandparents seem pretty adamant about giving big presents they’ve picked out. I mean that’s okay. Most other people seemed totally on board and zero percent offended.

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      1. Even just keeping the toy level down helps… some toys are alright, just not so many that it’s unmanageable. I love this idea and will try to incorporate it. I love the idea of giving kids more experiences and fewer things.

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  4. great post and equally great idea… subscriptions and passes are brilliant something I will consider for the next invite or holiday. I always give books hoping that when it’s my son’s turn they will also give books. This year he got a zipline tour which he adored…

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