Week in Review

Week in Review 8/10/18

I hope everyone had a great week. Thanks for checking out my weekly series, Week in Review, posted every Friday. Enjoy a recap of how the week went down, and tell me about yours.

1) What’s gotten my attention this week?

Companies that follow up to a digital inquiry with a phone call or a request for me to call them. This has happened several times recently. I’ll go to the “Contact Us” section of a website for the email or even submit their inquiry form only to get a follow up phone call or request to call them. It’s becoming a pet peeve of mine.

There’s a reason I am reaching out in this manner. I work full time, and it can be hard to call during business hours. Or if I am home it can be hard to be on the phone with the two kids around. If there is an option to get in touch with a company digitally why aren’t they following up in the same way?

marketing office working business
Photo by Negative Space on Pexels.com

2) What post should you check out?

I’ve been reminded this week of an older post a friend of mine wrote about stripes and maternity clothes. At least half my closet and half maternity clothes sections in stores are filled with horizontal stripes. Why? Why? We don’t need any help looking wider. Have you noticed this before? Click here to read the post that reminded me of this terrible trend in maternity clothes.

3) What’s been going on this week?

I don’t really know. I think I’ve gone through this week kind of in a haze. Work has been busy. The kids have been fevered and under the weather with stupid summer colds. We’ve just been getting through each day as it comes this week.

4) What’s going on this weekend?

If you’ve casually read my blog for any length of time or if we are friends on social media you’ll probably know that my kiddos are pretty big fans of the Paw Patrol. Thanks to the Oklahoma City Moms Blog I’ve scored tickets to Paw Patrol Live this weekend. My kids’ excitement for this is rivaling them looking forward to their birthdays or Christmas. They may think I’m a super hero right now. We are all pumped up for it!


5) Did you miss this post?

It’s been a hard pregnancy, but. . .


6) What did my kids create?

My son has been obsessed with trains for three or four years. It started to taper off recently. I nonchalantly packed the train toys up in the garage, not ready to give them away yet. As soon as I did that of course he started wanting to play with his trains again. When he couldn’t find them, out came the magna-tiles and some improvising. I am trying to scale back their things, but I guess if he is still wants to play with the train stuff I’ll be bringing it back in from the garage.


Thanks for reading. How was your week? What are you up to this weekend?

– Lacey 

29 thoughts on “Week in Review 8/10/18

  1. The link to the Kaley’s post on horizontally striped maternity clothes is so on point: …my closet looked like a 19th century prison rack of clothes waiting to be assigned to inmates.

    I don’t understand the logic behind the phone calls either. I’ve had the same thing happen. I’m an introvert who dislikes talking on the phone so for me the follow-up phone call was a black mark against the company, making me talk with them like that! *snarl*

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    1. Ally your analogy has me laughing so hard I’m about to bust the seams out of my striped maternity shirt reading this comment.

      Haha yessss. A few companies have lost my business because of this. The stuff I’ve inquired about is pretty standard and could be put in an email response.

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      1. This morning I’ve also introduced myself to someone I’ve meet about 4 other times before. Sooooo apparently that’s were my function is at. I hope I get through this day!

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  2. I remember going to those types of performances with my boys, they always had so much fun. I never found them to be complete parental torture, but I wouldn’t want to do it on a daily basis, but a once in a blue moon is fun.

    my sons both loved trains when they were little. Colby was OBSESSED for years. After we went on the train part of our vacation… he took out his wooden trains and started playing with them again. I’m glad we decided to save those for him to give his own kids.

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    1. We did Seasme Street Live several years ago, and it wasn’t too bad. Hoping this will be somewhat similar in that way.

      Oh that’s a good idea to just save the trains. Where did you store them? We are running out of room everywhere!


  3. So exciting about Paw Patrol Live! How was it, Lacey? 🙂

    The photos of your kids are adorable – love the little pink pocketbook.

    I’m playing catch up this weekend, and relaxing. I had a big week at a retreat and also the completion of a 6-months coaching intensive. Whew – and it was beautiful.

    Bless you Lacey. Lots of loving, and a big smile!

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    1. They LOVED Paw Patrol Live! Their excitement for it was contagious. We had fun.
      I think a weekend of relaxing for you is well deserved. I hope you enjoyed it?


  4. Hey Lacey– such a sweet picture of Lincoln tucked in with his Paws Patrol buddies. So cool that you got to take them to the performance– I’ll bet it was packed with kids & moms! And I kind of like the stripped maternity look — for once in your life it doesn’t matter if you look wide!! (and maybe it’s because most of the t-shirts in my closet are striped). It’s almost the weekend again!! Enjoy friend! hugs!

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      1. Hi Lacey– went to a friends house for a beautiful breakfast for 15 of us this morning– so much taking! And tomorrow the young adult leadership team is coming in the evening for their planning time. I love those people– so smart and fun to hang out with! And I’m excited because I just bought a ticket to fly up to San Francisco next Saturday to wait for baby #2 with my daughter’s family. (due Sept 2). I think you are pretty close behind her… Take care dear Lacey! xox

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      2. Wow, that all sounds like good, exciting stuff happening. Yes mam, I’ll be right behind your daughter. I know it’s helpful that you are going to be there for them!


      3. Glad to hear it– loved the recent pictures of Riley for her birthday!! So much personality!! I’m up at my daugther’s house now– counting down– due date is Sunday! Take care Lacey with your on countdown! hugs hugs!

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      4. No more waiting! Baby Oscar was bon this morning at 2:09. She was only at the hospital for about an hour when he came– so we are thankful it went so well. So Lois and I are hanging out at the house til her Mom, Dad and baby brother come home on Thursday. So happy for them! Praying your sweet girl comes early and easy too! xox

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      5. Oh Ronda congratulation! I knew it was going to be any day but am still surprised and excited for you and your family. And one hour?! Oh goodness I’m glad they made it. Enjoy your time with Lois. Can’t wait to see pictures!!!


      6. Hey Lacey– yep, he was 5 days early, but weighed in at 8 lb. 13oz. so he was ready to be bon! Hoping and praying you have a quick healthy delivery– and are able to get the rest you need afterward! hugs hugs friend.

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      7. Hey Lacey– yep, staying about 3 weeks. Larry drove up on Tuesday. I really love being able to cook, clean for Ani. And today just she and I took a quick (between feedings!) trip to a 2nd hand baby clothing store and stopped for tea. Loved that. Waiting to hear your news… hugs friend.

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      8. I KNOW she appreciates it so much. And that’s good to get out of the house so soon after the baby. I had gotten to the point with my first two where I didn’t know what day or time it was ever. By the time I left it house it felt so weird.


      9. Oh gosh– I get what you’re saying. It seems like the days all run together, feeding Oscar, keeping Laurel fed and bathed and bedded. Hope you have lots of help to make it all run smooth ahead… hugs!

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