The 3rd Trimester Marathon


Adios 1st trimester and 2nd trimester. We’re getting close now! Welllll . . .I mean technically it’s close. When you are “in” the 3rd trimester though time takes on a different meaning. Like every day actually feels like a week, maybe longer depending on the day.

It’s not even noon yet, and I’ve peed at least a dozen times. I feel like there’s no point in even leaving the bathroom.

Kind of like the nausea in the 1st trimester, nothing really helps the indigestion in the 3rd trimester. I can take some pills and eat smaller meals and not eat hours before bedtime. I’m still sleeping sitting up. . . and then waking up to go pee.

And then waking up to pee. And then waking up to pee again. It must be natures way of preparing me for getting up through the night during the newborn stage.

My OBGYN appointments are more frequent, and they run late a lot. I actually don’t mind this though. Between work and home it’s my guaranteed quiet time. I take a book and am a-okay with delays. I know when my appointments start to be weekly though and I am told I am not at all dilated, I might be leaving in tears.

If I have to bend down there is no guarantee I’ll be able to get back up.

It’s hot all the time. I’m tired all the time. But my hair looks fantastic! My boobs on the other hand, those are looking . . . unrecognizable.

Holy leg cramps! Leg cramps isn’t even the right word. There needs to be a whole other word dedicated to the leg cramps you get in the 3rd trimester. I didn’t know this was a thing because it didn’t happen with my first two. I looked it up. It’s a thing that happens to half of women in their 3rd trimester. Sometimes when I’m sleeping my entire calf muscle locks up for several minutes. Minutes! I roll around whimpering in pain. Then I kinda limp around for the next few days because the devil’s leg cramp leaves my calf so sore it hurts to walk. What. Is. That. About?

Oh hey! There’s a foot in my rib.

Oh hey! That kick almost made me pee my pants.

I think I have everything ready for her arrival, but it also feels like I’m forgetting something.

This all sounds pretty sucky, but we are all so excited to finally be getting close to meet the baby. Daddy, brother, sister, and I all love her so much already. We wonder what she’ll look like. We wonder what she’ll be like. We know she’ll be amazing. We are just ready for her to get here!!!

33 thoughts on “The 3rd Trimester Marathon

  1. I love reading your blog! My son is expecting his first child Nov 1st. They live an hour away so I miss a lot. Reading about your experience is so exciting! My daughter in law doesn’t share too much with me unless I ask and you know I do!

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  2. Between the peeing and the cramps, you’d think I’ve been pregnant my whole life.
    You’re doing good, keep it up. As you know, you’ll hardly remember this in just a few months when you’ve got another baby in your arms. Can’t wait to hear about that wonderful “fourth” trimester!

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  3. the third trimester sucks! it is the time of ok little one I’m done lets get this over with. but also not wanting it to be over too soon. also wanting to make sure every little detail is ready. just keep remembering that at the end of this you will have a precious little one in your arms

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  4. I’ve had 5 and I think that’s the only way to get that baby out of you. I mean I think you have to be so uncomfortable that you would do anything to deliver that baby 🍼. I had my 5 all natural w/o an epidural they didn’t do them until later. They just told us to breathe…OMG. It was no fun at all.

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    1. So you are pretty much a super hero. 5 natural births?!?!? I almost had my last one in the car ride to the hospital. They still gave me a partial when we arrived. But I am serious when I say I thought I was going to die by being torn in two at the middle. Hats off to you!


      1. Not really…there was really no other way so I just let my body do what it was going to do. Thanks for the appreciation, not many people no what that’s all about…


  5. It will be so exciting to get to know her as she grows and becomes her own little self!! So happy you’re almost to the finish line Lacey! I think it will make the difficult (long??!) pregnancy all worth while. And I totally get the good feeling of sitting in a waiting room with a book all by yourself– no one needs anything from you– you need those breaks! Praying for all head to go perfectly!! Blessings friend, xo

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    1. I think it will make it worth it. Both of my kids now are so different it really makes me wonder what this one will be like. And yes, you nailed it and 100% get the waiting room thing. I don’t mind it at all.


      1. It’s the same waiting at airpots– don’t mind that either. Get a little snack and read. No one needs anything from me there!! Simple pleasures! Hope you have some lovely tranquil waits ahead Lacey. so

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