We are all in love.

Delta Chloe made her world debut on Sunday. She is a happy, healthy, perfect 6lb 7oz and 18 inches. We were so surprised she has hair! Our other two were bald for their whole first year. We are home and adjusting. I’ll be on a blogging hiatus until we get settled in more. Hope everyone is doing well, and I’ll catch up with you later.

53 thoughts on “We are all in love.

  1. Delta is so precious. I’m so happy for you and your family. enjoy this time getting adjusted to your newest little one, the blog will be here when you are ready to return

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  2. OMG I’m so excited. Lacey, I’m going to contribute this for #ForgivingFridays. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Sending you many blessings of joy, loving, welcoming, and grace. Feel free to be in touch by email if you want to. YOU ARE AMAZING and Delta Chloe is beautiful. Congratulations and blessings!!!

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  3. So exciting to see her here in the bit wide world Lacey! She is precious~ my favorite photo is the one of Lincoln holding her and Riley with her hand helping hold up her head! The sweetest!! And Well Done You !! You made it through the long pregnancy and brought Delta into the world! Hope you are getting good care as you step back into being a mom of 3!! Blessings to your dear family! xo

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      1. Loving the photos Lacey!! How long do you have for leave from work?? Oscar is just fine– they change so so much in the first few weeks! Hugs to you and that sweet new little girl! xo


      2. Hi Lacey– it goes so fast!! So glad for your Instagram photos– you can’t post too many for me! She is the sweetest. Are you getting much sleep?? How’s being a mom of 3??! hugs hugs friend!

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      3. She’s the most laid back baby so transitioning to 3 so far has been pretty easy. The roughest part is the sleep. We are still at every two hours. It’s just starting to wear on me, even with all the help I have. How are you??? And how is baby Oscar?


      4. I get the lack of thorough sleep Lacey– leaves you in a fog. We are fine here– taking my Mom up to meet baby Oscar in a few days. She’s 87 and he’s #11 of her great grand-kids– and 2 more on the way! He’s changing so much at this age. I can’t wait to get up and squeeze him! hugs hugs!


      5. A fog, yes that is the perfect way to describe it. Plus I’ve been so couped up at home that the few times I’ve been out it feels kind of weird even talking to other people. I think I’ve turned into a sleep deprived weirdo lol.

        Oh how exciting. Has she meet Oscar by now? Is Lois adjusting to having a sibling?


      6. Ha ha– a lovable sleep deprived weirdo??! Oscar is doing well. He had a tiny hole in his heart at first, but it seems to have closed up and that’s a relief. Lois likes him pretty well. She is really still the star around the house, since he mostly just sleeps and eats! We’ll see how it goes ahead. I’m taking my Mom up to meet him and her other newest great grandson next week. So excited to see everyone! Take care dear friend. xox


  4. Hi — it’s me again. Know you have other things to do besides writing up posts right now. But want you to know I’m praying for your sweet family and all the settling into new routines and new little Delta becoming part of the family! Hope it’s a blessed time for you and that you’re getting res and help! hugs!

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    1. Thank you! I miss you and your posts. Our sleep intervals are still every two hours. So I’m tired most of the time. Hoping to get back into blogging this week or next.


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