Grandma Mary


My Grandma Mary went to heaven today. I know she’s in a better place. I know I’m lucky to have had my her well into my 30s. I’m still selfishly and deeply sad she won’t physically be here with us any longer.

I want to always remember when I was young how I was fascinated by the way she perfectly buttered my toast.

I want to always remember when I was a little bit older how she always took us swimming in the summer time.

I want to always remember in high school when she visited how we would stay up late into the night playing games of spades. I KNOW I’ll never forget the time I called her out when I saw her cheating. When nobody was looking she gave me the bird and then sweetly denied it.

I want to always remember when I’d come home from college and we would talk about relationships and religion and the past and the future and everything and nothing.

I want to always remember that she not only knew my kids but she actually got them, who they are.

I will always remember Grandma Mary.

17 thoughts on “Grandma Mary

  1. Oh Lacey, I am so sorry. Sending you and your family so much Light, hugs, and LOVE. Be in touch if you want to chat. Blessings to you Grandma Mary! Sounds like she really understood you. ❤ Thank you for sharing that beautiful photo of the two of you. Love, Debbie

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  2. So sorry for your loss, sounds like you have such loving memories to help you with the grieving process. And, she got to meet all of your precious little ones and that in itself is a blessing. take the time to grieve with love and happy memories in the forefront of your heart

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  3. Oops… Its really great that you have so many wonderful memories of your time together. I suggest writing yourself “blog post” of all those memories so you never forget! I did this recently and my few thoughts have turned into a small book to myself…

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  4. Love this Lacey– So dear that you have your list of remembrances. She sounds like the kindest fun sot of grandmother. When my Dad died a few years back, I sat down and wrote pages of things I wanted to remember about him. Don’t want those memories to fade– I read them now and then. I know she must have adored you– hugs hugs from here friend. xox

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