An Advent Calendar You Want To Know About

IMG_5778Oh my flipping goodness friends! I have discovered something I’m thrilled to share about, a tea advent calendar. Ignore how for some reason this picture below makes me look like I have man hands and focus on my excited tea drinking face.



You might remember my post about the cousins tea party we threw with Adagio Teas. It was a huge a hit. After that party I even ordered Mother’s Day gifts for my sister and mom from there.

Since I’ve learned the company has amazing seasonal products I’ve been curious what they’d have for the holidays. They did not disappoint. I got my hands on this advent calendar. It’s so adorable and fun that we couldn’t wait till December and have been testing it out around our house.

Everything we’ve had so far has been delicious. But even for my husband and me, two grown adults, we’ve been pumped to see which tea is waiting for us each day. It’s just like getting a little present every morning. I don’t want to ruin the surprises, but I will say there is a good mix of seasonal teas along with familiar favorites.


These are single servings. We’ve just been opening one a day and whoever in the house is the most interested gets the tea. It’s worked out perfectly.


I’ve decided I’m going to give these as hostesses gifts for anything we attend in November, including whoever’s house we land at for Thanksgiving. I’m thinking about giving these for teachers gifts too. The box is so cute it doesn’t even need to be gift wrapped or bagged.


If you want to check out the advent calendar and other Christmas products from Adaigo Teas click here. Now I’m off to see what flavor is waiting for us today!

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