Week in Review

Week in Review 12/14/2018

I hope everyone had a great week. Thanks for checking out my weekly series, Week in Review, posted every Friday. Enjoy a recap of how the week went down, and tell me about yours.

1) What’s gotten my attention this week?

Top 9. This is pretty fun. It’s an app that will pull and make a collage of your top 9 Instagram posts for the year. Here are mine.


2) What post should you check out?

I know everyone is busy this time of year. So I don’t want to sound all self important. But between work and home I sincerely have not had time to read any of my follow bloggers’ posts. Here are links to some of my favorite blogs though. Feel free to click through and check them out.

Planet Simon

The Spectacled Bean

Teacher Turned Mommy

Teacher Mom Talks

3) What’s been going on this week?

Ummm. Man. You know it’s just been a hard week. There’s really no way around it or positive spin. The nights with the baby have been long and days at work have been long. So hopefully I can get caught up on some rest this weekend. Here’s a cute face to share though.


4) What’s going on this weekend?

Every year we have a marathon of Christmas celebrations. This weekend is Christmas 1 of 4, starting with visiting my dad and step mom on their farm. Should be fun!

5) Did you miss this post?

Check out a recipe for Cookie Butter Swirl Fudge by clicking here. It makes great gifts or an addition to a holiday party.

cookie butter swirl fudge

6) What did my kids create?

My daughter creates at least 3 outfits a day. She even puts together her “fashion” for trips to the dentist.


Thanks for reading. How was your week? What are you up to this weekend?

– Lacey 


14 thoughts on “Week in Review 12/14/2018

  1. I checked out the Top 9 app. 💖 Very cool! That baby is so stinkin cute and I love your daughter’s outfit! How exciting to scroll and see that you spotlighted my blog….soo very cool and it makes me feel so good. I am so impressed how you keep up with this Week in Review. I started something like this and then dropped it. I need to get back on track! Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas on the farm and everywhere! 💖

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well the Week in Review is the one thing that forces me to be consistent. It is still hard to churn that out sometimes lol.
      And I hope to be able to pop over and catch up on your blog soon! Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas season so far!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha thank you. Those pics were fun to see. I get Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off, and we are spending those at home. I don’t have much time off because what I did have I had to use towards part of maternity leave. Which is okay, but I am used to taking a big chunk of time off this time of year.
      Christmas #1 was perfect. It kick started my holiday spirit! How about you? Are you home for the week?


      1. HI Lacey–Sounds like such a busy time for you! We were off al week and had kids in the house– 11 of us in our small house is a squeeze! But lots of noisy fun. Just put pics up on Intagram. Loved your Year in Review post! It has been a full one for you!! hugs!

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  2. Aww I love all 9 of those IG photos & the baby is soooo darn adorable!! That’s crazy that you have to attend 4 Christmases every year. It’s like that Reese Witherspoon & Vince Vaughn film! 😂 Your daughter puts together her own outfits?! Wow!! What a fashionista!! ♡

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, it was so fun seeing all those phots.
      Yes! It is exactly like Four Christmases but we do it over the month of Dec instead of in a day. It’s A LOT!
      She does, she puts together several different outfits every day and calls it her “fashion” lol.

      Liked by 1 person

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