How Do You Handle Negative Reactions about Breastfeeding in Public?


I know whatever opinion people have about breastfeeding in public tends to be a strong opinion. Even so, I was still caught off guard one evening when I was having dinner in the back booth at a little restaurant. I heard four young adults a few tables over talking about how I was surely breaking health codes and should be feeding my baby somewhere else. I was surprised because my back was to the restaurant and my nursing cover showed less of me than my shirt.

I sat there flushed for a moment wondering what the best way to handle the situation would be. . .

This is my latest piece published on Oklahoma City Moms Blog. Read the rest by clicking here.

11 thoughts on “How Do You Handle Negative Reactions about Breastfeeding in Public?

    1. Oh I love it. There were some pretty good responses on OKCMB’s Facebook page too. Someone said they would have taken their cover off. Another said she would have ordered a glass of wine.

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  1. Kris is right– people who have kids get it– and also babies crying on airplanes. I always feel bad fo the Mom! When our girls were small we lived in Seville, Spain. So if I was downtown I’d take the baby into the Cathedral to feed her– It was dark and I’d sit on the back bench and no one would even notice. Happy weekend Lacey!

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  2. I was too tried when I still had a baby that young to even care. The only regret I have from those days is when an older, female hotel employee once made a rude comment to me and I didn’t call her manager over. Not because I needed the support but bc by not making a big deal about it, I made it harder for the other moms she would shame who might be more sensitive.

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    1. Aw yes I get all of this. The being too tired to care. Lots of times I am too tired to care or the sleep deprivation just exasperates the situation. I hope someone has since put that hotel employee in her place.

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  3. I ignore what people think or say. My husbands sister made a rude comment I was suppose to hear at Thanksgiving about me breastfeeding my 2 month old. I was covered, she was covered no one could see anything. I was going to put up a fuss, than I realized people who are that ignorant to realizing a child needs to eat are not worth my time, energy, and mind space.

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  4. I’ve always been afraid of this! I’m not a confrontational person so I would have a hard time telling them off. You did nothing wrong and they are being rude. They probably don’t have kids and don’t understand how natural nursing is no matter where you are. Sorry this happened to you!

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