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Stamped Sweets Makes Any Occasion Special

Friends, I’ve never been big on Valentine’s Day. Not for any social reason like I’m opposed to the commercialism of it or anything. Just because. Then when I got married it kinda seemed like our anniversary started to check the box of what Valentine’s Day is supposed to cover.

Since becoming a mom I have changed my mind about this holiday. My kids get SO excited about it. It’s infections really. I’m completely on board with their enthusiasm for it. After all, who says Valentine’s Day has to be about romantic love? The love I have my kids is so strong there’s no reason that can’t be celebrated.

So I was looking for something unique and fun to give them when I found Stamped Sweets, a company that makes personalized cookies. They take any design and print it on cookies using edible ink. The designs can even include photos. I’ve heard of this for cakes but hadn’t ever seen it with cookies. I knew I had found the perfect gift for these kiddos.

Cookie Picture
The picture I sent to Stamped Sweet to be cookie printed.

I hopped on the company’s site, placed my order and anxiously waited. The cookies arrived just a few short days later and were a HIT!

Printed Cookies

Custom Cookies
They couldn’t keep their hands off the cookies.
Son with custom cookie.
“It’s me. On a cookieeeee.”
Daughter with custom cookie.
“I ate my brother’s head!”
Poor baby
The poor baby can’t eat cookies yet but enjoyed watching all the excitement.

I thought since the cookies had to be shipped to us that they might not be as fresh, but I had no reason to worry. The cookies were, in fact, fresh, fun, and delicious. A bonus? We learned last year that the hubs is gluten intolerant, and these are gluten-free. He got to have his first cookie in who knows how long.

This was such a success that I am already thinking about upcoming events Stamped Sweet cookies would be great for, like my sister’s baby shower or work events with my company’s logo added. The box these came in was so nice I would even like to send some to several girlfriends as “just because” gifts.


As you know, when I find unique discoveries I love to share. Stamped Sweet cookies are for sure worth checking out!

11 thoughts on “Stamped Sweets Makes Any Occasion Special

    1. Yes mam the kiddos loved them. I’m going to head over as soon as I can to catch up on your series. How have you been? I’m sending good thoughts and prayers while you are looking for your next place to live.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you Lacey! I also think you’d like one of my Facebook posts about my personal experience with limiting beliefs about money. I highly suggest you read it! In fact I’ll tag you on it. ❤

        I'm doing well….just got back from Austin to check it out as a place to move. Have you been there? It's a beautiful & creative place.

        My ex-partner and I are still talking, and he's coming back to LA on Monday (was visiting Australia). I'll see him soon and I'll know what to do. I am grateful for the learning, and the opportunity to reside in my unconditional loving.

        Loving you Lacey!! Thanks for asking. Hope you're having a RESTFUL weekend. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Debbie! I’m nearly a week behind on all things blogging and social media. I’ll back and look for your notification. I KNOW I’d find value in anything you do. I just need to find the bandwidth on my end!

        Yeah. . .Austin is a great place. I can picture you there!

        Austrailia?! Really?! You are always visitin the best places! Was it AMAZING?


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