I’m Glad we Chose to Hold Him Back

My son is a bright, sweet boy who happened to not do very well when he started Pre-K.

It was a combination of factors that included a teacher/student misfit, a diagnosis we had yet to receive, and just not being ready. In fact, we pulled him out that December. I questioned if we were making the right decision. After his first week home, though, his behavior made a complete 180. This poor kid had been in a stressed out-meltdown mode for an entire semester!

Later, the school called and suggested trying a different Pre-K class the following year. At that point, I didn’t question if I was making the right decision.

This is my latest piece published on the Oklahoma City Moms Blog. Click here to read the rest.

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9 thoughts on “I’m Glad we Chose to Hold Him Back

    1. Thanks, Simon. I’m okay. Still tired and struggling to fit everything into the day, but I am good too. The baby is crazy, crawling, get into everything mode. It’s fun too though, How are you?

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      1. You’re doing great and baby crawling is amazing, I love it when they’re like that although it’s frustrating too as they don’t stay where you put them lol.

        I’m good thanks, still going 🙂

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    1. It just feels like I’ve heard SO many moms are struggling with this around kindergarten time. I’m sure it’s harder as they get older too.


      1. giving children another year in preK, K is the easiest time for the child. It is harder when they are older on the parent, but even more important it is harder on the children

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  1. This was such a good post. I read it on the Oklahoma CIty’s Mom’s blog also. SO important to share your experiences with a tough decision – both because someone may learn from it + also it helps to know we’re not alone. ❤

    You are so fantastic and caring, Lacey! (And, I'm glad your son adjusted so well with all of it. He's a sweetheart.)

    Blessings to all of the moms who read this post.

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    1. It was so much better recieved than I thought it would be. I thought people may think Preschool isn’t a time to worry about repeating or not. A ton of adults responded about their own experiences when holding back was helpful or even some wish they had been. That surprised me!

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