10 FULL Days of Vacation


I had 10 days off at the beginning of July, and I joke that I accidentally did a full midwest tour. It started with a girls trip to Eureka Springs that was truly rejuvenating. Shopping was done. Adult beverages were had. Deer were seen. Catching up took place. If you have never been there, it really is a beautiful little getaway. Local shops, restaurants, galleries, and inns are tucked between rolling green mountains.





While Eureka Springs is filled with everything unique, I have to highlight the Bathhouse Soapery & Caldarium. Fragrances can be a migraine trigger for me. So I was weary to even step inside. But it was pleasant, not overwhelming. We sampled some hand products while we were there. I left with some bath bombs and soap and a long wish list. But really, just look at the products. These are so gorgeous I want to eat them.





Notice the baby made it out of Eureka Spings with Pete the Cat (thanks Aunt Jacque and Uncle Mark).

On the way back to Oklahoma we made a pit stop for pedicures and brunch in Fayetteville, AR. If you are ever in this area go ahead and do your mouth a favor and visit The Farmer’s Table Cafe. It is a farm to table restaurant with a lovely little garden area for outside dining and a delightful house for indoor dining. I had Benny on a Biscuit, which ended up being, no joke, the best eggs benedict I’ve ever had.





I got back to Oklahoma, packed up the family, and went to the Kansas City area the very next day. My sister who lives in Michigan recently had her first baby and was visiting her in-laws there. So we made the trip up to meet my nephew. I fell in love with the way he looks at his mama. Also, we didn’t know if my baby was kissing or eating her baby.





Her in-laws hosted us for the 4th of July. There was some sun, rain, swimming, balloon animals, and of course, grilling out.




And look who was a stowaway and snuck in on the trip with us, Monster!





And Oklahomies, did you know Kansas still has Hardee’s?!





Then we made it back home in time for a family dinner with my brother who was in for a quick visit from Wales where he has been working.

My time off was full of fun and family. Now I am looking at the calendar trying to figure out where to squeeze in some downtime before school starts!

7 thoughts on “10 FULL Days of Vacation

  1. Such great photos of what looks to be lots of fun. 10 days of vacay? You are a lucky duck as is Pete the Cat who got to travel with y’all. Summer can be such relaxed fun.


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