Practicing Getting Younger Kids Ready for the School Morning Routine

Friends, can you believe we are weeks away from the start of the school year? It’s nuts how fast this summer has gone by. We have certainly had slower, lazier days around our house. So it’s time to start thinking about getting everyone conditioned for the school routine again. Here are 4 things we are working on.


We’ve gotten lax about bedtime over the summer. It is time to get stricter about it! We are running through our evening routine with the goal of having the kids tucked in bed by their target back to school bedtime.


Getting dressed

Odds are that if your kids are going to school, they can get dressed to some degree on their own. It’s still okay to practice though. We are making sure we are picking out back to school clothes that they can get the snaps and buttons undone by themselves to go to the restroom. They are even attempting getting shoes and socks on the correct feet.

Monster sending the kids off to their first day of school


Yep. We have practiced lunch. It might sound weird, but we are making sure they can open their lunch boxes and any packaging we plan on sending their lunches in.


Drop off

The kids have new car seats. So we have been practicing them unbuckling and opening the car door by themselves. I don’t want to be holding up the drop off line! If we don’t have it down by the start of school, we will probably park and walk up till we do.


How are you getting ready everyone ready to go back to school? What would you add to the list?

7 thoughts on “Practicing Getting Younger Kids Ready for the School Morning Routine

  1. I love this list. Also remember to practice buckling so pick up goes smoothly as well. I also tell parents to practice recognizing their name, many children only look at the first letter or do not recognize it at all. many things in a primary classroom are labeled with the child’s name

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