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The Easiest (but Ulitmate) After School Snacks

We are still back to school focused at my house right now, and what’s on our minds?





That’s right. We’ve been playing around with weekday breakfast ideas, practicing for lunchtime in the cafeteria, and now we are dreaming up perfect after school snacks. I vividly remember coming through the front door after school feeling starved and not wanting to do or talk about anything until I ate.

And kids love snacks. Really, if adults were smarter we would get better results and less whining if we started calling the last meal of the day “snack time” instead of “dinner time”. Snacks are important kid business, especially after school snacks.

At our house, I create a variety of snack plates. Think of it as kids style tapas. Mix and match the following for endless combinations. 

  • Start with a fruit and/or veggie.
  • Throw on a protein(s).
  • Add a carb (because kids LOVE carbs).


The result is the easiest (but also ultimate) after school snacks. Here are some examples.

Black olives, string cheese, pepperoni slices, and butter crackers.



Carrot and cucumber sticks, hummus, pita bread.



Apple slices, nuts, cheese crackers.



Raisins, peanut or almond butter, and animal crackers.


That’s it. Simple. Easy. Filling.

What is your go-to after school snack?


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