A Kinda Sad (But Also Happy) 1st Birthday

I know birthdays are supposed to be happy, but I couldn’t help feel a little sad about Delta’s 1st birthday last week. This beautiful blue-eyed girl is our last baby. I know from experience how fast it goes by. So I thought I could slow down and enjoy this time more. It still feels like it went by in a blur.

I kept asking her to slow down too. The more I asked though, the faster she reached that next milestone. She was taking steps at 9 months, walking at 10 months, and sprinting at 11 months.

We didn’t have one big blowout for her. We had several. Most of my family was together for Labor Day weekend at my dad and step mom’s farm. So she got a celebration there.


Last weekend we headed out of town for my mother-in-laws 70th birthday where another celebration for baby girl got squeezed in.

She’s very much into Elmo!


Then on her actual birthday, she got to eat a little more birthday cake.


She had wonderful 1st birthday (all 3 times) even it was a little sad for me.

Watch out for this one, guys. She is ready to take on the world.

14 thoughts on “A Kinda Sad (But Also Happy) 1st Birthday

  1. Oh no…I’m already sad about Mat turning a year, so I can totally feel your pain! Did you see her entire future play out in front of you? I swear, every time Mateo reaches a new milestone, he’s practically in college in my head! 😭
    You can do this, Mommy!!

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  2. Oh Lacey, happy birthday to Delta! And, I hear you. It’s so important to slow down, enjoy your daughter and connect with each moment. ❤ I can totally see a reminder to "freshen up" on your pausing in life to be helpful! Good for you on doing that here.
    A big hug to Delta and to you too. Three of them, to go with your celebrations!

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