Oh, how I love school performances.

Oh, how I love school performances. Granted, my oldest kids are in Kindergarten and 1st-grade. So we haven’t had many. The ones we have been to though are sheer gold, true nuggets of parenting pleasure.

Last night was Family Night at my kids’ school which included a BUSY book fair. My 5 year old politely tucked and dodged the crowd to make sure she got to the one item she has had her eye on. She knew exactly where it was and professed to have “wanted it her whole life”. It was a glittery pink Jo Jo Siwa diary complete with a lock and key.


We went on to check out my son’s “The Best Part Of Me” project.

“My hands are very cool.

My hands can play video games.

My Hands are awesome.

My hands are very fun.

I love clapping hands.”


After some cookies and lemonade, it was time for the primary event of the evening, the 1st-grade camping themed music performance. We even nabbed front row seats. Then it happened, my phone died. My husband informed me he left his at home. Thank goodness my mom and stepdad were with us, saving my husband and I from being the most terrible parents in the school cafeteria at that moment.

This is probably the appropriate time to give a photo credit shout out and thanks to my mom, especially since she ended up getting publicly chided over it.

The performance was about to start and an announcement requested cell phones be turned off. My mom discreetly had her phone in her lap, ready to record or snap pictures of what we knew was going to be an awesome performance in one way or another. Then from the risers my son loudly began to whisper and repeat, “NANA, THEY SAID TO TURN IT OFF. TURN YOUR PHONE OFF, NANA.”


The music started, and by this point, the baby had made herself comfortable. Then she  LOUDLY joined in. Now since I’m her mother, I knew she was singing. I think maybe everyone else thought it was a baby trying to yell over the performance though.


It ended with my son standing before anyone else and giving an extremely elaborate bow with one arm behind his back and the other sweepy deeply in front of him.

I went home with a big, silly smile and a full heart, already looking forward to the next school performance.

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